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In January of 1999, Electronic Arts had to recall 100,000 copies of the PlayStation version of their Tiger Woods 99 game. Someone had (possibly accidentally) included a data file on the disc that didn t belong there, an AVI movie of the highly blasphemous original South Park pilot called The Spirit of Christmas. There was no way to see it accidentally by playing the game, but all the same it was extremely embarrassing and costly to EA. The error was made worse by the fact that EA didn t have the rights to South Park anyway; they were held by Acclaim. A simple QA check, verifying the identity and purpose of each file, would have saved the company a small fortune.
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After you ve created a specific look for text, it would be a shame not to be able to save it as a style so it can be reused later. You can create styles for Artistic and Paragraph Text in CorelDRAW. Styles store the text attributes from one object and can be used to apply those attributes to other objects at a later time in the same document (styles are by default local properties). If you edit the properties of a style, all the text formatted with that style is updated immediately. To save a style, with the Pick Tool, choose the text, right-click, and then choose Styles | Save Style Properties, and you ll get a box that looks like the following illustration. This box is valid for objects as well. Object styles can also be applied for fill and outline settings.
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Several concrete byte streams are derived from Stream. Those that are defined in the System.IO namespace are shown here.
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CollabNet CUBiT 2.0
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cin >> val; cout << "This is your number: "; cout << hex << val; return 0; }
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The late 1960s policies of the major American automobile manufacturers put them in a poor position to respond to the crisis of the early 1970s the oil shock of 1973. A huge inventory of stylish but large, gas-guzzling cars, along with four- to five-year new car development cycles, made it an impossible situation. All they could do was wait out the crisis and import smaller, more fuel-efficient cars from their foreign subsidiaries. The higher European and Japanese gasoline prices had, over the years, forced them to develop lighter, more compact automobiles with economical drivetrains. While this helped the Europeans and the Japanese only a little at home after the crisis (their already-high gasoline prices just rose proportionately higher, negating any advantage), the European/Japanese automotive solution was ideal for the United States market of that time. Thus imports, unimportant in the United States until the early 1970s, gained a foothold that was to become a significant factor over time. It was against this backdrop that the electric vehicle rose again, like the phoenix from the ashes. Five trends (shown in Figure 3-7) highlight electric vehicle development during this second wave: The inactivity of GM in distinct contrast to Ford, Chrysler, and American Motors A period of frantic activity by the independent manufacturers A period of strong prototype promotion by industry associations and suppliers Resumption of serious overseas development Continuation of individuals converting existing internal combustion vehicles Under the 2nd Wave heading in Figure 3-7, GM s inactivity is in marked contrast to what others were doing in electric vehicles during this period. The GM executive s remarks at the June 1975 Congressional hearings, quoted later in this chapter, clearly convey the reason for GM s electric vehicle nonactivity. While GM s actions are inconsequential today the times have changed and GM has changed along with them GM s strong stance against electric vehicles caused much grief among the pro-EV industry forces of the early 1970s. Late in the decade GM re-entered the electric vehicle world with its ElectroVette (a converted Chevette) and Bedford Van (a converted GM United Kingdom van). But GM did nothing technically innovative, and both conversion efforts became self-fulfilling prophecies: neither vehicle s performance specs were spectacular, and the economics just didn t make sense for a manufacturer/marketer. As mentioned in 1, an 8,000-lb. van would never be my first conversion choice. The Chevette had 20 12-volt maintenance-free batteries, a 53-mph top speed, a 50-mile range at 30 mph, and weighed in at 2,950 pounds maybe a marginal conversion choice. A contemporary individual electric vehicle converter s outlay might have been $5,000 for the whole package, perhaps only $2,000 with used parts and heavy scrounging, while GM would have been hard pressed to wring a profit out of a $20,000 retail price. The van performance and pricing were even worse. GM could honestly tout their conclusion without mentioning what they hadn t done (such as a total systems design like their 1990 Impact EV).
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DSL is an inherently asymmetric telecommunications technology. What this means is that data can be moved much faster downstream (from the local phone carrier to your home) than upstream. There are several types of DSL; two are important to this discussion:
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As we insert the lines, Excel will, of course, automatically adjust all the formula references.
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The prototype for lowvideo( ) is in <conio.h>. After a call to lowvideo( ), characters written to the screen are displayed in low-intensity video.
// Reset the getloc and putloc indexes. getloc = 0; putloc = i-1; // Make q refer to the new queue. q = t; } putloc++; if(putloc==q.Length) putloc = 0; // loop back q[putloc] = ch; } // Get a character from the queue. public char Get() { if(getloc == putloc) { Console.WriteLine(" -- Queue is empty."); return (char) 0; } getloc++; if(getloc==q.Length) getloc = 0; // loop back return q[getloc]; } }
SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems 784 Network Management
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x = x + 1;
void SymmetricExceptWith( IEnumerable<T> other) void UnionWith(IEnumerable<T> other)
The internal Access Modifier
7. Perform any knockouts that are necessary. 8. Fasten the sensor to the wall. 9. Connect the wires to the sensor in the following manner (shown in Figure 8-9):
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