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21.05. The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of the show ip eigrp topology command for EIGRP on a router. When a route is listed for a neighbor, you ll see two values in parentheses. The first value is the feasible distance (the metric value for your router to reach the destination), while the second value is the advertised distance (the metric value the neighbor is advertising). In this example, you can see two successor routes (the first two), but no feasible successor routes (FD is 0). Also notice that is in a passive state (P), since it has two successor routes. Remember that for there to be a feasible successor, the advertised distance of the route has to be less than (not less than or equal to) the current successor route. In this case, the third route s advertised distance is the same as the two successor routes, so it s not a feasible successor. In addition to seeing a passive code (P), other codes you can see are active (A where EIGRP is computing possible paths to a destination), update (U where an update was sent to the destination), query (Q where a query was sent to the destination),
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Transport Network Data link
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Storyboarding and concept sketching It s an enormous time-saver to be able to make your own concept sketches and storyboards: you can draw what you re thinking of, rather than trying to describe it to someone else. These aren t required skills, but they re valuable ones. For more details, see the Specializations section under Art and Animation earlier in this chapter.
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Cloud Computing and Web 2.0
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The View Navigator is a pop-up viewer that is indispensable for navigating your entire document page when you ve zoomed in to 10,000 percent and need to quickly move to a different design area without zooming out to get your bearings. The View Navigator pop-up window is at the point where the vertical and horizontal scroll bars meet at the lower-right corner of the document window. To open the View Navigator pop-up, click-hold action on the button itself, the magnifying glass icon. Click-holding causes a pop-up thumbnail to appear, which represents the outermost region of the page and the application s desktop. The preview frame the tiny rectangle with the crosshairs through it within the View Navigator window indicates the viewing limitations according to your current Zoom settings. Click-drag within the View Navigator pop-up window to pan around your drawing in the document window; it s panning by proxy. As you drag, releasing the mouse button ends the navigation. In Figure 7-7 you can see the View Navigator put to the test. Let s say there s a need to edit the 6-point text in this drawing of a tabletop jukebox. At 100 percent viewing resolution this would be a true hassle; luckily, by zooming in it s easy to see the text, edit it, and then edit the next Top 40 tune title by panning the window using the View Navigator.
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Examples For years I have dreamed of writing a best-selling novel. I think about it every single day, without exception. I know there is a bigger reason for my wanting to do this than just getting published. I have an inaudible voice within me that speaks to my filling a great literary gap in my lifetime. I believe I have a calling to influence the publishing industry and to become involved in a series of projects and books that will influence people internationally. I envision myself at book signings all around the country. I see myself speaking to large audiences of people and being interviewed on network talk shows, sharing my expertise.
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In other words, they should be comparable to the information systems that validate credit cards on a now-routine basis. Nevertheless, the enormity of these technical challenges should not be underestimated.
The appliance integrates CSD features into dynamic access policies (DAPs). Depending on the appliance configuration, the security appliance uses one or more user attribute values, along with optional AAA attribute values, as conditions for assigning a DAP to a user. CSD features supported by the user attributes of DAPs include the OS of the user PC, prelogin policies, results of a Basic Host Scan, and Endpoint Assessment. The DAP then provides (or denies) network access to resources at the level that is appropriate for the end-point AAA attribute value. DAPs you can define include host scans and prelogin assessments. You can have the CSD software perform the following: Basic host scan user PC. Identifies the OS and patches/service packs applied on the
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