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Tops, your monitor probably is good for 1,280 1,024 pixels, or about one megapixel. Compared with printers that have at least 300 dots per inch, a monitor gets by fine with fewer than 75 pixels per inch. Change Size with Elements In Photoshop Elements, reducing the size of a
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iPhone and BlackBerry Capabilities
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The effect of the precision modifier depends upon the type of format command being modified. To add a precision modifier, place a decimal point followed by the precision after the field-width specifier. For e, E, and f formats, the precision modifier determines the number of decimal places printed. For example, %10.4f displays a number at least ten characters wide with four decimal places. However, when used with the g or G specifier, the precision determines the maximum number of significant digits displayed. When the precision modifier is applied to integers, it specifies the minimum number of digits that will be displayed. (Leading zeros are added, if necessary.) When the precision modifier is applied to strings, the number following the period specifies the maximum field length. For example, %5.7s displays a string that is at least
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between the first single-click point and the point where you pressed TAB.
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Several factors influence how passwords are initially determined, including: User locations If a user is located near the administrators who provision user accounts, one of the administrators can personally deliver the new password to the user. If the administrator and the user are not near each other, the administrator can give the password to the user by phone. In no circumstance should the password be sent via e-mail. System limitations Some environments do not support initial-use passwords that expire in a short amount of time. Data sensitivity The value of the data protected by access controls (including user accounts and their initial passwords) should be a factor in determining how user accounts are provisioned. If the data or asset being protected is of high value, more elaborate means (such as what is discussed in this section) may be needed. But if the asset value is low, then the rules for initial account provisioning may be more relaxed. NOTE Ideally, a user will be able to change their password as soon as they have their new user account; but some systems don t even permit this. Security analysts or IS auditors who are examining an environment s user account provisioning procedures should understand the environment s capabilities as well as the risks and value of the assets being protected. Any recommendations should reflect system capabilities and asset value. Risks with User IDs and Passwords Password-based authentication is among the oldest in use in information systems. While still quite popular, a number of risks are associated with password authentication. The risks are all associated with the different ways in which passwords can be discovered and reused by others. Some of these risks are: Eavesdropping Due to system limitations, some user account passwords are transmitted in the clear over networks, which permits anyone who is eavesdropping to intercept and reuse the password later on. Finding a password written down If a user neglects to protect the paper that contains written passwords, they may be discovered by a colleague or another person, who could use them or pass them on to another person for their use. Finding a stored password If an intruder (or even a trusted colleague) examines the hard drive of a user s workstation, a file containing stored user IDs and passwords could be discovered. All of these risks follow the same theme: User IDs and passwords are static and, if discovered, can be used by others. It is for this reason that other, more secure, means for authentication have been developed. The techniques include biometrics, tokens, smart cards, and certificates.
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EVs are modularly upgradable. See a better motor and controller Bolt them on. Find some more efficient batteries Strap them in. You don t have to get an entirely new vehicle; you can adapt new technology incrementally as it becomes available. Electric cars are easily modified to meet special needs. Even when EVs are manufactured in volume, the exact model needed by everyone will not be made because it would be prohibitively expensive to do so. But specialist shops that add heaters for those living in the north, air conditioners for those living in the south, and both for those living in the heartland will spring up. 4 will introduce you to the conversion specialists that exist today.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Straight Line
You can learn a lot by browsing through these collections of online photos.
Looking at the Macro Code
Profiles, Policies, and Procedures
file and the macro will write the formulas only on Sheets1 and Sheets2. Sub Macro1 () Macro1 Macro Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl Shift T Sheets( Sheet1 ) .Select This is the new line we are adding Range( C1 ) .Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 10 Range( C2 ) .Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 20 Range( C3 ) .Select
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Setting Up the SQL Server Data Store for Distribution
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Figure 7-8 Recovery objective development flowchart
4. Localized deck replacements and repairs with new overlays. 5. As a last resort, bridge replacement. Additional rehabilitation work items may be required with deck reconstruction projects, such as: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Bearing or superstructure repairs. Bridge widening. Superstructure painting. Lighting improvements. Drainage improvements. Elimination of deck joints. Seismic retro t. Approach roadway work.
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