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If you see a * in the first column, this indicates your current session. If you want to terminate someone s session, use the Privilege EXEC clear line command:
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SONET Overview
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The planar region bounded by y = x 2 and y = x is rotated about the line y = 1. What volume results (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 11 15 7 15 7 19 8 15 2 15
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Functions, Part Two: References, Overloading, and Default Arguments
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7 - Browser Compatibility - 151 8 - CSS2 Quick Reference - 165 9 - Useful Resources - 172
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Infrastructure assessment and upgrade, the design document, beta implementation, enterprise rollout, and administrator and user training are examples of project milestones.
where 0c is measured from the axis of the core of the fiber. To obtain total internal refraction, the index of refraction of the core (ncore) must be greater than the index of refraction of the cladding = ncladding or ncore ncladding.
As soon as providers started using VLANs to carry different customers data, the question arose, What if customers are already using VLANs Several ad hoc solutions were tried by various vendors, and these led eventually to IEEE Std 802.1ad-2005 for provider bridges. An 802.1ad provider bridge is simply an 802.1Q VLAN bridge with five modifications:
Although we are calling them standards, technically the CCITT and ITU-T publish recommendations. The philosophy of the ISDN committee (essentially the Telcos) is to specify the customer interface first and then figure out how to support it in the network. The theory being that if we can get all the peripheral or end equipment makers to make equipment based on our specifications, then when we get ready to roll out the service, the store shelves will be stocked with inexpensive ISDN interface equipment.
Excel Services reports are simply reports that display an Excel Services spreadsheet. Excel Services is a web-based version of Excel that allows users to publish Excel spreadsheets to the server and view them in a browser. Spreadsheets may be static or contain data pulled from an external data source. If data is pulled from an external data source, users have the ability of refreshing the data in the spreadsheet. In order to create an Excel Services report, the developer would select the Excel Services report template and then give the report a name and optional display folder. Once the report is open in the editor, the developer chooses the URL to the SharePoint site. Once the SharePoint site is selected, the Document Library is chosen; this can be a shared library or someone s personal library, although this choice will force users to enter a username and password to view a spreadsheet in someone s personal folders. Finally, the actual name of the document is selected.
A new pedestrian suspension bridge built with materials generally considered as waste products has opened near the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area in Missoula, Montana. The structure is considered a showcase for innovation in the use of new construction materials, according to the U.S. Forest Service and the Montana Community Development Corp. (MCDC), which helped to secure funding for the bridge. The 90-foot-long, 8-foot-wide bridge was constructed with small-diameter waste wood and waste plastic, as well as recycled tires. It spans the Rattlesnake Creek and consists of lodge pole pine trees (killed by beetles in Idaho s Nez Perce National Forest) that were debarked and doweled to 6-inch-diameter trusses. The decking material is a ber-plastic composite (wood our and PVC plastic). Additionally, rubber mats constructed from recycled tires were laid atop the deck to protect the surface from horse traf c.
Appendixes provide information about the disc accompanying this book and provide reference details on the data and standards for the optical disc formats. A glossary of esoteric, arcane, and mundane words and terms is provided to aid those who know they saw a word somewhere but cannot remember what it means or where they saw it.
Tolerance is the allowable deviation from a design specification. In construction, tolerances are an important concept; the building components have to fit together, and the building has to be tight against air and water infiltration. Many of the materials require a larger tolerance in their placement, i.e., cast-in-place concrete or masonry construction, while other manufactured components, such as steel and curtain wall components, rely on much smaller tolerances. It is clearly a challenge to represent and analyze tolerances in a computer model.
As part of the Business Services over DOCSIS family of specifications [2], CableLabs has developed a specification detailing a feature package that enables standardized configuration and management of Layer 2 virtual private networks (L2VPNs) that overlay the cable data network. These L2VPNs can coexist easily with other broadband data service offerings including residential broadband data service and VoIP telephony. This optional extension to standard DOCSIS equipment contains requirements on the CM and CMTS that ensure isolation of L2VPNs from one another as well as from the traditional (non-L2VPN) data customer traffic. This specification defines point-to-point and point-to-multipoint L2VPN configurations that can be used to provide E-Line and E-LAN transparent LAN services. Data privacy is ensured by the underlying link-layer encryption technology provided by DOCSIS (56-bit DES or 128-bit AES). Equipment built to support the L2VPN specification would be the most attractive to use in providing Carrier Ethernet services. The L2VPN specification has also been standardized in the International Telecommunications Union as ITU-T Recommendation J.213.
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