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his chapter covers a feature of C# whose name usually takes programmers by surprise: unsafe code. Unsafe code often involves the use of pointers. Together, unsafe code and pointers enable C# to be used to create applications that one might normally associate with C++: high-performance, systems code. Moreover, the inclusion of unsafe code and pointers gives C# capabilities that are lacking in Java. Also covered in this chapter are nullable types, partial class and partial method definitions, fixed-size buffers, and the new dynamic type. The chapter concludes by discussing the few keywords that have not been covered by the preceding chapters.
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Understanding the Access Specifiers
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Return on Investment
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Of course, only get or set will be present for read-only or write-only properties, respectively. Although the declaration of a property in an interface looks similar to how an autoimplemented property is declared in a class, the two are not the same. The interface declaration does not cause the property to be auto-implemented. It only specifies the name and type of the property. Implementation is left to each implementing class. Also, no access modifiers are allowed on the accessors when a property is declared in an interface. Thus, the set accessor, for example, cannot be specified as private in an interface. Here is a rewrite of the ISeries interface and the ByTwos class that uses a property called Next to obtain and set the next element in the series:
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We already have quite a bit of practice solving this equation. The solution is i H (t) = K e 4t where H indicates this is the homogeneous part of the solution. We found 4 from the time constant, which is = L/R = 1.5 = 0.25 s 6
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All the supervisors are quali ed to lead their teams.
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NOTE Django was named for jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.
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5.3.5 Large De ections in Single Spans
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Using the Proofing Tools
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10. Bilge High-Water Alarm
TABLE 4-2 The Precedence of the C# Operators
Table 7.1 Color Code for AC Conductors
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Data Store
public int CompareTo(string str)
x + x + x x 0
Figure 8.12 shows a cam that might be used to raise the upper section of an automobile station wagon tailgate. The desired cam output torque used to balance the gate varies sinusoidally with respect to angle q according to p T = C1 sin q + . 6 This is shown in Fig. 8.13. The input torque is supplied by the spring-loaded follower. The spring force decreases as the gate rises, but the torque supplied by the spring increases to a maximum, then gradually drops off to balance the gate. The spring force may be described by L = L1 - C2 (ri - r). From the principal of virtual work Tdq = Ldr.
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