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Figure 9-4
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Figure 5-15 The makings of an animation a very short animation.
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Why Digital
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Understanding Light
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// Copy into middle of target. Array.Copy(source2, 2, target, 3, 2); // Display copy. Console.Write("target after copy: foreach(int i in target) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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TIP This function comes in handy when you need to embed nonprintable characters in a character
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To view the packets in a packet capture file, use the show capture command:
Knowing when Dusk Occurs
How to Get a Job Making Video Games
twice a month, once a week for 2 months, or once a month for 6 months.
Automatic monitoring of performance trends. Online monitoring instruments can be connected to small computers (at the same site or at a remote site via a data communications link) to facilitate the analysis of the gathered data. This provides for logging, comparison to benchmark data, and statistical summaries; it also automates triggering alarms when a monitored parameter exceeds its threshold. In most cases, the instrument and computer can be viewed as a monitoring system, especially when the computer is controlling and gathering data from several instruments that may be deployed at different spots in the network. To reduce the cost associated with such systems, the measurement equipment generally will not have the full control and display functions necessary to operate as a standalone. These faceless instruments can be thought of as probes that act as the data acquisition front end of the monitoring system. A key contribution of the computer in an automatic monitoring system is transforming the measured data into a more useful form. Without this transformation, the network operator is overwhelmed with data, making it difficult to see where the most important problems are and what actions to take. In highly developed systems, for example, data is taken from hundreds of probes, and graphical summaries in bar charts or radar diagrams indicate whether any threshold has been exceeded. Clicking on the bar or axis explodes the diagram into the underlying data (Figure 4.6). Two other major benefits accrue from automating network monitoring. One is the broad view that results from bringing together the measurement results from several spots in the network. This network-wide view makes it much easier to determine the true root cause of problems, so repair personnel are dispatched to the correct site with the correct resources to effect the repair. Another benefit is that only a few peoples skills must be at the high level necessary to make troubleshooting decisions. These are the people at the central site; the field crews only need know how to make the repairs, not how to decide what to repair. 4.5.3 Restoring service to mission-critical applications
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