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Management Plane
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1. What is this person s normal (average) level of self-mastery Low Moderate High 2. What do I know and what have I observed that leads me to this conclusion 3. What is this person s range of self-mastery that is, the individual s highest and lowest levels 4. What do I know from my own observations or other data that leads me to this conclusion
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Appendix A
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Part of the infrastructure assessment described in 3 is an analysis of the organization s help desk methodology and escalation procedures. Once the enterprise application delivery solution is in place and stabilized, help desk requirements will dwindle. Not only does Citrix XenApp enable superior troubleshooting through shadowing capabilities, but also the number of problems will fall because the processing takes place centrally. During the implementation phase, however, the frequency of support requests will increase. In addition to the confusion and problems of implementing a new computing infrastructure, the help desk will, in effect, be supporting two environments during the transition. Be prepared to supplement the help desk with additional personnel during this period. Establish Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) Establish and manage SLAs for the help desk during project implementation. Ensure that users receive the help they need to get them through the transition without frustration. Support Processes Cover every shift and every time zone. A process should be in place, and the appropriate personnel identified, for escalating problems that are not resolved by the first-line support people in an acceptable timeframe. Virtual Call Center Create a virtual call center whereby any member of the implementation team can assist if required. Use help desk software to enable this collaboration among different individuals from different areas working on the same user problem. Triage Process Have a S.W.A.T. team available to go onsite to handle particularly tricky problems that surface during the implementation. Consider using outside experts for the S.W.A.T. team who have a high level of experience with Citrix XenApp, Windows, and networking.
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For more information about enteo s NetInstall Server and the benefits of enterprise management software, visit
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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public void Set(T o) { ob1 = o; } public void Set(V o) { ob2 = o; }
To understand the difference between public and private, consider the following program:
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Frequency Synthesizer Design
seamless interworking between the two versions. In other words, IPv6 nodes must be able to send datagrams to IPv4 nodes, and IPv4 nodes must be able to send datagrams to IPv6 nodes. Moreover, IPv6 nodes must be able to send datagrams to each other via IPv4 networks, and IPv4 nodes must be able to send datagrams to each other via IPv6 networks. These requirements can be met by the use of IPv4-compatible addresses. Through the use of IPv4-compatible nodes with IPv4-compatible addresses at the boundaries of IPv6 networks, interworking can be accomplished. Figure 2-29 provides an example of how this is done. By allocating an IPv4compatible address to the interfaces on an IPv6 network towards the IPv4 network, the IPv6 network can appear as an IPv4 network. Consider a scenario in which a packet has to go from one IPv6 network to another IPv6 network via an IPv4 network. At the edge of the source network, the packet can be wrapped in an IPv4 header. That header would contain an address for the remote IPv6 network, which would cause the packet to tunnel through the IPv4 network. At the destination network, the IPv4 header is removed, and the remaining IPv6 packet is routed locally within the destination network.
2. Optical coupler
2. Calculate each of the following indefinite integrals: (a) x 2 sin x 3 dx (b) 2 ln x 3 dx x (c) (d) (e) (f) sin x cos x dx cot x ln sin x dx 2 sec x e tan x dx (3x 2 + 2) (x 3 + 2x + 3)43 dx
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