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EPL/EVPL, EPL/EVPL ELAN/EVPLAN Medium (Gbps) Very fine (kbps-Mbps) Soft/relative 100s ms to seconds Ethernet OAM (maturing)
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Examples: Mod(10;3) returns 1 because 10/3 = 3 with 1 remaining. Mod(5;3) returns 2 because 5/3 = 1 with 2 remaining. Mod(10;2) returns 0 because 10/2 = 5 with 0 remaining.
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Organization Specific Extensions The IEEE 802.3ah OAM also allows equipment vendors to extend Ethernet OAM capabilities through organizational-specific PDUs to support additional capabilities, such as extending OAM messages beyond one link and monitoring other equipment performance parameters, that will contribute to offering more robust Ethernet services. Ethernet-Local Management Interface (E-LMI) The E-LMI, specified in the MEF 16, defines the protocol to communicate service-level information to enable the automatic configuration of the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). This ability allows the Service Provider to ensure, remotely, that the CPE is set up correctly to support a specific Ethernet service, rather than have the enterprise administrator configure it. Basically, the entire configuration for a specific service is downloaded into the CPE from the provider edge device using E-LMI. Specifically, the E-LMI provides the following capabilities to a Service Provider:
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Shooting Like a Pro
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Long Text
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The top of the ladder is coming down the wall at 0.71m/s when the bottom of the ladder is 3 m away fi-om the wall and moving at 1.5m/s .
Transcendental Functions
Value Syntax <length> | <percentage> | auto | inherit Initial Value auto Percentages refer to width of containing block Inherited no Applies to positioned elements Media Groups visual
Object Groups & Combine Commands
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Learning Objectives 375 Overview 375 11.1 Database Programming Languages and PL/SQL 376
Audio/Video Systems
The data source types included with PerformancePoint Server
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