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Now that your app has been created, let s take it for a spin. 1. Select the Lunch Tracker application from the app menu at the upper right of the screen. 2. Click on the Lunch Tracker tab and click New to create a new lunch expense entry. 3. Enter some test data (our example is shown in Figure 11-15). 4. For the Contact field, click the lookup icon, click New to create a new contact named BruceDickinson, and then click Save. 5. Click Save to save your record and to return to the detail page for the new record. And there you have it. You were able to make your very own app on Salesforce quickly and easily, and you didn t need to use any coding it was all point and click.
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The initial deployment of ATM networks consisted primarily of Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs). Similar to a leased line, PVCs are provisioned in advance and provide a fixed path for traffic to travel through the wide area network. Traffic and QoS parameters are provisioned in the network according to the contract the carrier has with each customer. Although these parameters might change somewhat with customer needs, they typically remain constant for a long period of time. The goal of the service provider is to ensure that the QoS is maintained, even as new customers are added to the network. Testing PVCs is straightforward in that the circuit route and customer traffic and QoS parameters are predefined. Testing can be conducted easily over a particular path with more predictable results. With the adoption of the ATM Forum s ATM User-Network Interface (UNI) Signaling Specification, Version 4.0, Switched Virtual Circuits (SVCs) over the WAN will become more prevalent. SVCs use signaling protocols to determine whether the network and end user can allocate appropriate bandwidth and QoS parameters in order for traffic to be transported from one point in the network to another. SVC connections are established based on the most convenient path currently available in the network, similar to the way long-distance telephone calls are made. The advantage of SVCs is that they make more efficient use of the ATM network; unused capacity can be made available to other users. SVCs add a layer of complexity to testing, since traffic and QoS parameters must be negotiated in advance to determine whether the network and the called user have
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When converting energy into work, some of the energy is always lost to
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Beyond the increase in fiber optic network data rates, the performance of the devices, components, and subsystems used in such networks is improving at a rapid rate. For example, a semiconductor laser used in an optical amplifier system must have a mean time between failure (MTBF) of more than 100,000 hours (Bellcore specifications). If the amplifier is used in submarine cable (transatlantic or transpacific), the laser must be sufficiently reliable to withstand extreme operating conditions such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. In addition to developing high-performance components, the trend continues toward lowering the effective cost of information per bit and per mile. As a result, designers of lightwave devices, components, and subsystems are faced with a challenge. They need to maximize the performance of each system building block, minimize the adverse interactions between these blocks and at the same time design for manufacturability and cost-effectiveness. Lightwave instrumentation is important in helping the designers of optical sources (lightwave signal analyzers), optical components (lightwave component analyzers), and systems and links (optical time domain reflectometers). Further, other instruments such as tunable laser sources, power meters, and communication analyzers are useful tools to test and characterize lasers, photodetectors, amplifiers, and optical signals. The small size, large bandwidth, and very low attenuation of optical fibers make them attractive as alternatives to conventional copper cables in telecommunications applications such as telephone and CATV systems, and in data communications applications such as computer interconnection.
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Before starting to work, it will be useful to see what the final goal looks like. This will help make sense of the various steps that you will be performing. Figure 29-17 shows the final outcome of the sample application. Although this application looks fairly sophisticated, the IDE does most of the work, and it is easier to create than you might at first suspect. You will use three easy-to-use tools to build the address book application: the MainMenu, ActionList, and ImageList components. These are the three critical pieces that streamline the design and development. Whenever creating applications, it is a good idea to create a folder where you can save all your project files. So before beginning, use Windows Explorer to locate a place to store the project. Create a folder, and call it AddressBook.
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3. Click the Open button in the docker to access the Open Palette dialog. 4. Create several objects (seven rectangles are fine) and then fill them with different
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Here, the sizeof u_var will be 8 (assuming eight-byte doubles). At run time, it does not matter what u_var is actually holding; all that matters is the size of the largest variable it can hold, because the union must be as large as its largest element.
STP Troubleshooting
What are some laboratory findings
Most amateur photographers don t compose their photos. The photographer puts one person in the center of the viewfinder and snaps a picture. Usually, there is scads of space surrounding the person that adds nothing to the picture, just as in the photo on the right in Figure 3-10. The tips here don t apply only to portraits. Pictures of an individual make for an easy way to describe these techniques, but they are equally effective when applied
TABLE 24-20 The Methods De ned by Queue<T>
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1. Create an event delegate called MyEventHandler and an event class called MyEvent,
Forcing TLS Connections for All ICA Win32/64 Clients
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NOTE The Access levels you grant to a user also affect what options appear to a user from within
Changing Palette Options
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