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bar charts. In addition, charts can be made three dimensional (3D), the legend can be moved or hidden, fonts can be changed, a title can be added, the left axis can be scaled, and more. To access all of these options, the user should right-click in a blank part of the chart and choose Chart Properties. The Chart Properties dialog box will appear, as shown in Figure 6-36. In this figure, the user has clicked the 3D Options button and turned on the 3D Option. Charts with a Right Axis Recall from earlier in the chapter that trying to display two measures with very different formats, such as gross profit (measured in dollars) and gross profit margin (a percentage) forced the percentage to the right Y-axis. ProClarity charts also allow users to place a series on the right axis as well as the left. Each series can be represented differently as well; the series measured by the left axis can be a bar while the series measured on the right axis can be a line, for example. This is a common way to show actual values and percentages in the same chart.
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Other interesting features are the cam pro le and the pressure-angle distribution, which are shown in Figs. 7.17 and 7.18. Moreover, to complete the description of the problem at hand, Fig. 7.19 shows the curvature of the pitch curve. From this gure, one can obtain the maximum value of the curvature of the pitch curve as kM = 0.07283 mm-1, which corresponds to a roller radius rR = 12 mm. Once we know the value of the roller radius, we can plot the pitch curve as shown in Fig. 7.20, which is displayed using a dash line.
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// Create a simple LINQ query. using System; using System.Linq; class SimpQuery { static void Main() { int[] nums = { 1, -2, 3, 0, -4, 5 };
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P.O. Box 29372 San Francisco, CA 94129 Phone: 415 561 3344 Fax: 415 561 3345 Web: www.naturalstep.org Email: tns@naturalstep.org
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As you can see, inside the MyClass class, alpha is specified as private, beta is private by default, and gamma is specified as public. Because alpha and beta are private, they cannot be accessed by code outside of their class. Therefore, inside the AccessDemo class, neither can be used directly. Each must be accessed through public methods, such as SetAlpha( ) and GetAlpha( ). For example, if you were to remove the comment symbol from the beginning of the following line
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exterior lighting when motion is detected, it is linked with a couple of your interior lights, letting you know inside that something has tripped the detector outside.
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It is not uncommon in programming to use an array of strings. For example, the input processor to a database may verify user commands against a string array of valid commands. A two-dimensional character array is used to create an array of strings with the size of the left index determining the number of strings and the size of the right index specifying the maximum length of each string. This code fragment declares an array of 30 strings, each having a maximum length of 79 characters:
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Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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A related rule that good photographers don t break, except when breaking it makes a statement, is to never have someone facing out or moving out of the frame. One reason is that we naturally tend to look in the same direction someone else is looking. Even if a person in your photo is squarely on one of the Rule of Thirds dividers, if that person is facing the outside of the frame or worse, moving toward the frame our inclination is to look away from the photo instead of being drawn
Formula Types
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Notice that the addition of GetPrevious( ) required a change to the implementations of the methods defined by ISeries. However, since the interface to those methods stays the same, the change is seamless and does not break preexisting code. This is one of the advantages of interfaces. As explained, any number of classes can implement an interface. For example, here is a class called Primes that generates a series of prime numbers. Notice that its implementation of ISeries is fundamentally different than the one provided by ByTwos.
8. Mission accomplished! Click the Finish Editing button (shown
circuit are distortion and noise. Distortion can deform the carrier and its sidebands at the transmitter or receiver, causing spectral regrowth and adjacent
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