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The key skills you should have include Object-oriented software design Object-oriented programming has gone from being an academic curiosity to the game industry s standard way of working in ten years flat. You re still thinking procedurally is a programmer s most cutting put-down. Code documentation There was a time when game programmers didn t bother to document their code because there was usually only one programmer on the project (although it was still bad practice not to) and they didn t expect to ever use the code again. Now it s normal for several programmers to work on the same piece of software, and for the same software to be used in three or four different products. You must be able to write code that other people can understand, adapt, and maintain, and that means documenting it properly. Debugging This onerous, but necessary, task requires both an analytical mind and the tenaciousness of a detective or scientist. As in the case of a scientist, it s a mistake to jump to conclusions too early about what s going on. Gather the data, sift the facts, then form a hypothesis about the situation and test it. Once your hypothesis has been proven, then you can fix the bug.
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testing and debugging.The Mini-IOS is a stripped-down version of the IOS used for emergency booting of a router and is referred to as RXBOOT mode. All of these components are stored in ROM.
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Change management is the set of processes that ensures all changes performed in an IT environment are controlled and performed consistently. ITIL defines change management as the process to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, in order to minimize the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality, and consequently improve the day-today operations of the organization. The main purpose of change management is to ensure that all proposed changes to an IT environment are vetted for suitability and risk, and to ensure that changes will not interfere with each other or with other planned or unplanned activities. In order to be effective, each stakeholder should review all changes so that every perspective of each change is properly reviewed. A typical change management process is a formal waterfall process that includes the following steps: Proposal or Request Here, the person or group performing the change announces the proposed change. Typically, a change proposal will contain a description of the change, the change procedure, the IT components that are expected to be affected by the change, a verification procedure to ensure that the change was applied properly, a backout procedure in the event the change cannot be applied (or failed verification), and the results of tests that were performed in a test environment. The proposal should be distributed to all stakeholders several days prior to review. Review This is typically a meeting or discussion about the change, where the personnel who will be performing the change can discuss the change and answer any of the stakeholders questions. Since the change proposal was sent
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8. XP1 and XP2 are combined by: XP1XP2 XP1 XP2 181 401 181 401
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Avoid Lens Distortion
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strOp += removeSp;
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Chemistry: Matter and Change 4
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Zoom tool
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Compatibility\Applications\Photoshop] "Flags"=dword:00000408
size of each pixel, which inevitably leads to degradation of the image. Therefore, upsizing an image is not recommended. When you resize an image, you can also change the image resolution.
Low Intermediate High
Figure 4.2 shows the plots of these relationships. Note that this 3-4-5 polynomial has similar characteristics to the cycloidal motion curve.
175 176 Assets without SF 177 Liabs, Eq w/out NTF 178 179 180 Surplus funds 181 Necessary to finance 182 =MAX(B177-B176,0) =-MIN(B177-B176,0) >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> =IF(ISERROR(B78+B84+B91+B96+B100+B108+B112+B117), 0, B78+B84+B91+B96+B100+B108+B112+B117) =IF(ISERROR(B134+B141+B146+B151+B158+B172), 0, B134+B141+B146+B151+B158+B172)
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Return types cannot be used to differentiate overloaded methods.
// Handle error gracefully and continue. using System; class ExcDemo3 { static void Main() { int[] numer = { 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 }; int[] denom = { 2, 0, 4, 4, 0, 8 }; for(int i=0; i < numer.Length; i++) { try { Console.WriteLine(numer[i] + " / " + denom[i] + " is " + numer[i]/denom[i]); } catch (DivideByZeroException) { // Catch the exception. Console.WriteLine("Can't divide by Zero!"); } } } }
and height; 2) The capability of an imaging system to make the details of an image clearly distinguishable or resolvable. This includes spatial resolution (the clarity of a single image), temporal resolution (the clarity of a moving image or moving object), and perceived resolution (the apparent resolution of a display from the observer s point of view). Analog video is often measured as a number of lines of horizontal resolution over the number of scan lines. Digital video is typically measured as a number of horizontal pixels by vertical pixels. Film is typically measured as a number of line pairs per millimeter; 3) The relative detail of any signal, such as an audio or video signal. See lines of horizontal resolution. resume A function used when a player returns from suspend or menu state. RGB Video information in the form of red, green, and blue tristimulus values. The combination of three values representing the intensity of each of the three colors can represent the entire range of visible light. RLL Run-length-limited encoding, which modulates data to prevent long sequences of bits without a transition (from 0-to-1 or 1-to-0). For optical drives and hard discs it is expressed as RLL(x, y), where x is the run length (the minimum bit length before a transition) and y is the run limit (the maximum bit length before a transition). BD uses RLL(1,7) parity preserve modulation. ROM Read-only memory. root menu The lowest level menu contained in a VTS, from which other menus may be accessed. rpm Revolutions per minute. A measure of rotational speed. RREF Blu-ray real-time recording and editing format. See Profile 4. RS Reed-Solomon. An error-correction encoding system that cycles data multiple times through a mathematical transformation in order to increase the effectiveness of the error correction. DVD uses rows and columns of Reed-Solomon encoding in a two-dimensional lattice, called Reed-Solomon product code (RS-PC). RS-CIRC See CIRC. RSDL Reverse-spiral dual-layer. See OTP. RS-PC Reed-Solomon product code. An error-correction encoding system used by DVD employing rows and columns of Reed-Solomon encoding to increase error-correction effectiveness. RTFM When all else fails, read the fine manual. Yeah, right. run-length coding Method of lossless compression that codes by analyzing adjacent samples with the same values. R-Y, B-Y The general term for color-difference video signals carrying red and blue color information, where the brightness (Y ) has been subtracted from the red and blue RGB signals to create R -Y and B -Y color-difference signals. Refer to 3, Technology Primer. S/N See signal-to-noise ratio. Also called SNR. S/P DIF Sony/Philips digital interface. A consumer version of the AES/EBU digital audio transmission standard. Most DVD players include S/P DIF coaxial digital audio connectors providing PCM and encoded digital audio output. sample A single digital measurement of analog information or a snapshot in time of a continuous analog waveform. See sampling. sample rate The number of times a digital sample is taken, measured in samples per second, or Hertz. The more often samples are taken, the better a digital signal can represent the original analog signal. The sampling theory states that the sampling frequency must be more than twice the signal frequency in order to reproduce the signal without aliasing. DVD PCM audio enables sampling rates of 48 and 96 kHz. sample size The number of bits used to store a sample. Also called resolution. In general, the more bits allocated per sample, the better the reproduction of the original analog information. The audio sample size determines the dynamic range. DVD PCM audio uses sample sizes of 16, 20, or 24 bits.
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