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Here is the output produced by this program:
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Thus, the for in the preceding program will usually be written like this:
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The Cash Sweep
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The price of a product varies with supply and demand in such a way that
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much of the world it is 900 MHz) supports one primary service; voice. The TDMA architecture uses a PCM input to the RF spectrum. Therefore, TDMA can also support digital services for data in increments of 64 Kbps. The data rate can support from 64 Kbps to the hundreds of megabits/ second (120 Mbps). The carriers like TDMA because of its ability to add data and voice across the RF spectrum and the cost associated with the migration from analog to digital. A TDMA base station costs approximately $50 80,000 to migrate to digital from FDMA. This is an attractive opportunity for the carriers developing PCS and digital cellular using the industry standards. The two standards in use today include IS 54, which is the first evolution to TDMA from FDMA. The second is IS 136, the latest and greatest technology for 800 900 and 1900 MHz TDMA service. When the IS 136 service was introduced, the addition of data and other services were introduced. These services include the Short Message Service (SMS), caller id display, data transmission, and other service levels. Using a TDMA approach, the carriers feel that they can meet the needs for voice, data, and video integration for the future. TDMA is the basis of the architecture for the GSM standard in Europe and the Japanese standard for PDC.
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Digital Telecommunications Basics Digital Telecommunications Basics 45
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Building a Project Plan for Managing and Deploying Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition
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Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Using E-LINE Service Type An Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service is specified using an E-LINE service type. EPL uses a Point-to-Point EVC between two UNIs and provides a high degree of transparency for service frames between the UNIs it interconnects, such that the service frame s header and payload are identical at both the source and destination UNI. The service also has an expectation of low frame delay, frame delay variation, and frame loss ratio. It does not allow for service multiplexing because a dedicated UNI (physical interface) is used for the service. Due to the amount of transparency in this service, there is no need for coordination between the subscriber and Service Provider on a detailed CE-VLAN ID/EVC map for each UNI because all service frames are mapped to a single EVC at the UNI. An EPL is depicted in Figure 2.13. MEF 6.1 might incorporate a further distinction in the Ethernet Private Line; specifically, there is consensus to define two EPL service variants: EPL-T (EPLTransport) and EPL-P (EPL-Packet). EPL-T would essentially be the EPL defined here. EPL-T would be enhanced, adding features such as multiple CoS parameters as well as bandwidth profile parameters.
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Product Crystal Reports Web Intelligence Intelligent Question Desktop Intelligence Live Office Dashboard Manager InfoView only
Description Specifies the text specified by code as program code. Specifies multiple lines of text specified by code as program code. The text associated with explanation describes a code example. Describes an exception. The exception is specified by name. Specifies a file that contains the XML comments for the current file. The file is specified by fname. The path to the tag, the tag name, and the tag ID are specified by path, tagName, and tagID, respectively. Specifies a list. The type of the list is specified by type, which must be either bullet, number, or table.
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Value Syntax [ <length> | <percentage> | auto ] | inherit Initial Value
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