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Value Syntax <length> | <percentage> | auto | inherit Initial Value auto Percentages refer to width of containing block Inherited no Applies to positioned elements Media Groups visual
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0 1 2 3 Summation of 3 is 6 0 1 2 3 4 5 Summation of 5 is 15
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Dolby Pro Logic The technique (or the circuit that applies the technique) of extracting surround audio channels from a matrix-encoded audio signal. Dolby Pro Logic is a decoding technique only, but is often mistakenly used to refer to Dolby Surround audio encoding. Dolby Surround The standard for matrix encoding surround-sound channels in a stereo signal by applying a set of defined mathematical functions when combining center and surround channels with left and right channels. The center and surround channels can then be extracted by a decoder such as a Dolby Pro Logic circuit that applies the inverse of the mathematical functions. A Dolby Surround decoder extracts surround channels, while a Dolby Pro Logic decoder uses additional processing to create a center channel. The process is essentially independent of the recording or transmission format. Any stereo encoding format, including Dolby Digital, MP3, DTS, and others, is compatible with Dolby Surround audio. Dolby TrueHD Lossless audio encoding used in the Blu-ray format. A maximum bit rate of 18 Mbps provides up to eight channels of 24-bit, 96 kHz audio with features such as dialog normalization and dynamic range control. Based on MLP combined with a Dolby Digital stream for backward compatibility. DOT Digital only token. Defined by AACS, a flag in the content that restricts video output to protected digital connections only. double-sided disc A type of disc on which data is recorded on both sides. downmix To convert a multichannel audio track into a two-channel stereo track by combining the channels with the Dolby Surround process. All DVD players are required to provide downmixed audio output from Dolby Digital audio tracks. downsampling See subsampling. DRA See DigiRise DRA. DRC See dynamic range compression. driver A software component that enables an application to communicate with a hardware device. DRM Digital rights management. A technical system for controlling access to content based on a set of usage rights determined by the content owner. DRMs typically encrypt content and use certificates (public/private keys) delivered over the Internet to control access. drop-frame timecode The method of time code computation that accounts for the reality of there being only 29.97 frames of video per second. The 0.03 frame is visually insignificant, but mathematically very significant. A one hour video program will have 107,892 frames of video (29.97 frames per second 60 seconds 60 minutes). The drop-frame time code method of accommodating reality was developed where 2 frames are dropped from the numerical count for every minute in an hour except for every 10th minute when no frames are dropped. See also non-drop-frame timecode and timecode. DSD Direct Stream Digital. An uncompressed audio bitstream coding method developed by Sony. An alternative to PCM. DSP See digital signal processor. DSVCD Double Super Video Compact Disc. Long-playing (100-minute) variation of SVCD. DTCP Digital Transmission Content Protection. Technology developed by the 5C to protect video and audio transmission against unauthorized interception or retransmission in the digital home environment. DTCP can be implemented over any high-speed bidirectional digital bus, including IEEE 1394, USB, and the MOST network used in automobiles. DTCP is designed for networks and distributed busses, as compared with HDCP, which is designed for point-to-point connections. DTHD Dolby True HD. DTLA The Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA, also known as 5C), the five-company entity that produces copy-protection schemes: Hitachi, Intel, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba. See DTCP and www.dtcp.com.
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1. Span: A particular deck system is acceptable only up to the support span length at which it has been tested. There are several deck systems that can be used with steel supports spaced at 2.5 m. Superstructures built thus far have been relatively short spans (<14 m). This is due to the cost of controlling de ection. Longer spans will most likely require the use of high performance carbon ber or a hybrid system which utilizes concrete or another material with FRP. 2. Traf c volume: Though fatigue test data suggests that there is not a concern about using FRP decks on high volume roads, the designer should be cautious about the application in an area that would be dif cult to monitor or repair. Low volume roads provide an opportunity for easy access so that more can be learned with little risk. 3. Cost considerations: Since an FRP deck or superstructure typically sells for a premium compared to steel and concrete, part of the scoping process must involve an evaluation of all costs associated with a project. A cost comparison should be made considering all available options. Past price ranges are: Decks: $65 $80 /SF of deck area Superstructure: $140 $150 /SF of deck area 4. Skew and grade: Deck manufacturers have been successful in the fabrication and installation of skewed superstructures and the use of FRP decks on skewed steel bridges. At the present time, there are no general restrictions on such use, but caution is advised in these circumstances. The same is true for percentage grade. 5. Depth: FRP decks are commonly available as a 200 mm (8 in) deep section, although custom depths are available. During preliminary design, a rule of thumb can be used for the depth
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*ip = 100;
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Rotating Objects
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List of Figures and Tables
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Walk around the scene and look for strong geometric elements. With a bit of work, you ll find geometric forms in key points of your scene. Look for interesting objects to draw your viewer into the rectangular element that is your center of interest. Take the picture. Figure 6-1 shows a geometric composition with a strong rectangular element. Notice the rectangular shape created by the sign and supports. The curve of the anchor draws the viewer into the scene, and the staff of the anchor is a strong vertical element that leads the viewer toward the sign. The rectangular shape frames the entry to the ship behind.
The #warning directive is similar to #error, except that a warning rather than an error is produced. Thus, compilation is not stopped. The general form of the #warning directive is #warning warning-message
Job-Hunting Tip: Show Them You re a Team Player
To have a redundant, fault-tolerant solution, replicas should be added to the synchronization point. The replicas are the additional server shares we created on the other servers. 1. Open the mmc snap-in for the DFS, typically located in Start|Programs|Administrative Tools|Distributed File System. 2. Right-click the DFS link created in step 3 and select New Replica. 3. In the Send user to this shared folder field, insert the UNC location (%server2name%\citrixsync$) of the server hosting the other synchronization point prepared in step 2. 4. Change Replication Policy from Manual Replication to Automatic Replication. 5. Press OK. 6. On the following screen, highlight the first server and Enable Replication.
Bit Error Rate Measurements and Error Performance Analysis Bit Error Rate Measurements 619
One is negative, the other positive. It makes good business sense to write with a positive, not a negative, focus. For instance:
base catch continue double extern for in lock object private return stackalloc this uint using
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