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IEEE 802.3 2002 Physical Interface UNIs 1 and 2: 100 Mbps UNI 3: 1 Gbps UNIs 1 and 2: 100 Mbps FDX Fixed UNI 3: 1 Gbps FDX IEEE 802.3 2002 No at UNIs 1 and 2 Yes at UNI 3 N/A Since Only Untagged Frames Used Over the EVC No No UNIs 1 and 2: CIR = 50 Mbps, CBS = 2 MB, EIR = 100 Mbps, EBS = 4 MB UNI 3: CIR = 500 Mbps, CBS = 20 MB, EIR = 1 Gbps, EBS = 40 MB Discard 802.3 x MAC Control Frames Discard Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) Discard 802.1 x port Authentication Discard Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP) Discard Spanning Tree Protocol Discard a Protocol Multicasted to all Bridges in a Bridged LAN
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Length of ra: 11 Contents of ra: -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Length of ra2: 10 Contents of ra2: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Length of ra3: 9 Contents of ra3: -20 -19 -18 -17 -16 -15 -14 -13 -12
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An isolator is a nonreciprocal device that transports optical power in one direction only. Isolators currently are used to protect laser diodes from undesired reflections, which can cause additional noise. Optical isolators are constructed using a combination of optical components such as polarizers and analyzers, and magnetic components such as a Faraday rotator, to produce the nonreciprocal characteristics. A schematic diagram of a basic optical isolator is shown in Figure 22.13. The optical signal first passes through a polarizer, oriented in parallel to the incoming state of polarization. The Faraday rotator will rotate the polarization of the optical signal by 45 . The signal then passes through the analyzer, which is oriented at 45 with respect to the input polarizer. The isolator passes an optical signal from left to right and changes its polarization by 45 . In addition, an isolator produces about 2 dB of insertion loss. In the opposite direction (right to left), an optical signal experiences a 45 change in polarization caused by the analyzer and another 45 change caused by the Faraday rotator, resulting in 90 of polarization rotation; it will, therefore, be cross-polarized with (and hence blocked by) the polarizer.
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1 introduced the if statement. It is examined in detail here. The complete form of the if statement is
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Scalp, Face, Nose, and Ears
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Fiber-Optic Technology in Cable Systems
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Be sure to install an RJ31X phone jack, not an RJ11 jack. RJ31X jacks are used with security systems, whereas RJ11 jacks are common telephone jacks.
Carbonyl Group
public Gen(T o) { ob = o; }
Assume, for instance, that you have a network with two switches and you need to add a new VLAN. This could easily be accomplished by adding the VLAN manually on both switches. However, this process becomes more difficult and tedious if you have 30 switches. In this situation, you might make a mistake in configuring the new VLAN on one of the switches, giving it the wrong VLAN identifier, or you might forget to add the new VLAN to one of the 30 switches. VTP can take care of this issue. With VTP, you can add the VLAN on one switch and have this switch propagate the new VLAN, via VTP messages, to all of the other switches in your layer 2 network, causing them to add the new VLAN also. This is also true if you modify a VLAN s configuration or delete a VLAN VTP can verify that your VLAN configuration is consistent across all of your switches. VTP can even perform consistency checks with your VLANs, to make sure that all the VLANs are configured identically. For instance, some of these components of a VLAN include the VLAN number, name, and type. If you have a VLAN number of 1 and a name of admin on one switch, but a name of administrator on a second switch for this VLAN, VTP can check for and fix these kinds of configuration mismatches. VTP messages will propagate only across trunk connections, so you will need to set up trunking between your switches in order to share VLAN information via VTP. VTP messages are propagated as layer 2 multicast frames. Therefore, if a router separates two of your switches, the router will not forward the VTP messages from one of its interfaces to another. In order for VTP to function correctly, you must associate your switch with a VTP domain. A domain is a group of switches that have the same VLAN information applied to them. Basically, a VTP domain is similar to an autonomous system, which some routing protocols use (autonomous systems and routing protocols are introduced in 15). A switch can belong only to a single domain. Domains are given names, and when switches generate VTP messages, they include the domain name in their messages. An incoming switch will not incorporate the VLAN changes in the VTP is a Cisco-proprietary received VTP message if the domain name protocol that traverses trunks. It is used in the message doesn t match the domain to create a consistent VLAN con guration name configured on itself. In other words, across all switches in the same domain: a switch in one domain will ignore VTP A VLAN can be added on one switch and messages from switches in other domains. The propagated to other switches; however, following sections cover the components and switches will ignore VTP messages from messages that VTP uses, as well as some of the other VTP domains. advantages that it provides, such as pruning.
As soon as i reaches 10, an IndexOutOfRangeException is generated and the program is terminated. (See 13 for a discussion of exceptions and exception handling.)
The output from the program is shown here:
// Now, read every other value. Console.WriteLine("Here is every other value: "); for(int i=0; i < 26; i += 2) { f.Seek(i, SeekOrigin.Begin); // seek to ith character ch = (char) f.ReadByte(); Console.Write(ch + " "); } } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine("I/O Error\n" + exc.Message); } finally { if(f != null) f.Close(); } Console.WriteLine(); } }
x ln x dx + lim
= 0.35
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