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11.01. The CD includes a multimedia demonstration of logging in and out of a Cisco router.
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get a lot of letters from people who ve had great game ideas, or written a game design, asking how to protect their work from being stolen. Chances are you ve already got some material too: a portfolio of artwork or music that you ve created, or some code under construction. You ll need to be able to show this material to other people, especially during interviews, while at the same time protecting your ownership of it. And even if you don t have anything like that, there are still some legal issues surrounding your status as an employee that you should know before you start a job. In this chapter, I m going to give you a few pointers on legal issues for creative people. These will touch on two subjects: protecting your own property, and your rights and obligations as an employee.
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Other Benefits of Application Delivery Infrastructure
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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A dark nodule with a multicolor macular component is not what one would see clinically with a basal cell carcinoma. Brown globules identify a melanocytic lesion. They are difficult to see. The lesion is filled with well-developed melanoma-specific criteria. Asymmetry of color and structure Polymorphous vessels Multicomponent global pattern Milky-red area Regression with peppering Six colors Bluish-white color Some of the criteria have a differential diagnosis. Bluish-white color of a melanoma vs blue ovoid nests of a basal cell carcinoma. The blue color is not ovoid in shape, which goes against the diagnosis of a basal cell carcinoma. Arborizing vessels of a basal cell carcinoma vs polymorphous vessels of a melanoma. The vessels have very little branching, which goes against the diagnosis of a basal cell carcinoma. The presence of other shapes (eg, pinpoint, linear) favors the diagnosis of a melanoma. There is a large milky-red area with a few out-of-focus reddish globules. This favors the diagnosis of a melanoma. Not typically seen in basal cell carcinomas. This could easily be overlooked by the novice dermoscopist.
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Using the ActionList and ImageList Components
// Introduce string. using System; class StringDemo { static void Main() { char[] charray = {'A', ' ', 's', 't', 'r', 'i', 'n', 'g', '.' }; string str1 = new string(charray); Construct string objects from a char string str2 = "Another string."; array and from a string literal. Console.WriteLine(str1); Console.WriteLine(str2); } }
Figure 6-6 Dye-sub printing, shown in the lower right, comes closest to ordinary chemical photo processing.
Total Debt/Shareholders Equity Total debt/shareholders equity shows the ratio of debt to equity. A high ratio, within limits, is not necessarily bad. You would have to look at it in the context of the company s ability to generate cash flow to cover its debt service (interest payments and principal repayments). Net Debt/Shareholders Equity Net debt/shareholders equity is a ratio similar to total debt/ shareholders equity. Net debt is total debt minus cash and cash equivalents. Cash equivalents are accounts such as shortterm investments or marketable securities that can be turned easily into cash. Net debt shows the debt load of a company as if it has used its available cash to repay some of its debt. Companies with a large cash position relative to their total debt will have a negative net debt.
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The following example defines a startup function called start( ).
Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia and the rest of the peninsula, and total domination of the world s oil supply. Never before had the industrialized world acted so quickly (and in concert), and Iraq was dispatched in short order. Fortunately for Saddam Hussein, he remained to fight another day. The Iraq-Kuwait war, 9/11, and now the new Iraq War and its aftermath brought the real priorities of all the industrialized world s citizens, now linked together by realtime TV network news coverage, into clear focus. The supply of foreign (mainly Middle Eastern) oil that makes everything work is, and will continue to be, highly vulnerable. We are now in the fifth shock with oil costing over $140 a barrel! While the majority of earth s citizenry continue to drive their internal combustion engine vehicles as if the supply of oil was secure and inexhaustible, fouling the air with pollutants and soiling the lands, rivers, and seas with toxic byproducts, more and more individuals are waking up. The stage is set for rising individual responsibility and the reemergence of the electric vehicle. While electric vehicles of all kinds continued to be built in the United States and overseas during the 1920s through the 1950s, the resurgence of interest in EVs directly coincided with the environmental problems of 1960s, as well as the first, second, fourth, and fifth oil shocks. Unfortunately, the lull between these four waves particularly the third oil shock glut was equally responsible for retarding further EV development after each interest peak. What guarantees the lasting impact of the fourth wave are the following universal perceptions: The security of our oil sources is a serious problem affecting the whole world. Our environment is at risk. There is a real need to conserve our scarce planetary resources and nonrenewable fossil fuel supplies. Thanks to the miracle of instant global TV and telecommunications, almost everyone in the industrialized world now knows this. The individual citizens of the advanced industrialized nations, nagged by the increasingly insistent urgings of their conscience, find it harder to conduct business as usual if it involves polluting the air, land, or water, or wasting a suddenly precious, precarious, and limited commodity, oil. The handwriting is on the wall. The heydays of gas-guzzling cars are gone forever, as are smoke-belching junkers. Even so, these beg the ultimate question our proven oil reserves should last us 40 years, as shown in 2, but what then Isn t there a better way than oil today Of course there is: electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. But before EVs could reappear in quantity on our streets and highways, consumers had to believe in them, and companies had to believe they would be profitable to invest in. All this has taken time. Heading toward 2010, the momentum seems to be supporting electric drive as a potentially dominant technology, but there is still work to be done. This section will explore how the interaction of five diverse areas set the stage for EVs to rise again: Interest in electric vehicle speed records Interest in electric vehicle distance records Development of electric vehicle associations
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