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Figure 4 - 1
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Number of Subnets
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SME Branch 10BT
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Multithreaded Programming, Part One
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This contactor is used in EVs when electrical rather than mechanical transmission control of forward-reverse direction is desired. The change-over contacts of this doublepole contactor, shown in Figure 9-9, are used to reverse the direction of current flow in the field winding of a series DC motor. When this contactor is used, a forward-reversecenter off switch is added to the low-voltage wiring system after the ignition key switch.
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Similar to the XCH Channel Extension, XXCH is a newer version that supports a greater number of additional discrete channels. For Blu-ray, however, the number of additional channels is limited to two, extending the core 5.1 channel configuration to 7.1 channels. Only new decoders and A/V receivers that support DTS-HD directly will recognize this extension.
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Another option is to use 802.1x authentication, briefly discussed in 5, which is used to authenticate a device s access to a switch or wireless access point. The authentication credentials are stored on an authentication server. One policy you can assign the user account (associated with the authenticating device) on the authentication server is the VLAN to which the device belongs the server can pass this to the layer 2 device, which, in turn, can associate the VLAN to the port with which the authenticated device is associated. Dynamic VLANs have one main advantage over static VLANs: they support plug-and-play movability. For instance, if you move a PC from a port on one switch to a port on another switch and you are using dynamic VLANs, the new switch port will automatically be configured for the VLAN to which the user belongs. About the only time that you have to configure information with dynamic VLANs is if you hire an employee and the employee leaves the company or changes job functions. If you are using static VLANs, not only will you have to configure the switch port manually with this updated information, but if you move the user from one switch to another, you will also have to perform this manual configuration to reflect the user s new port. One advantage, though, that static VLANs have over dynamic VLANs is that since they have been around much longer than dynamic VLANs, the configuration process is easy and straightforward. Dynamic VLANs require a lot of initial preparation involving matching users to VLANs. (This book focuses exclusively on static VLANs, as dynamic VLANs are beyond the book s scope.) Voice VLANs are unique. They are associated to ports that have VoIP phones attached. Some VoIP phones might have a multiport switch attached to them, to allow other devices to connect to the switch via the phone. In this instance, the phone might tag frames to indicate which device is sending the traffic phone or computer that the switch can then use to deal with the traffic correctly.
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100G standards being developed. Huge growth in demand Distance extending over several thousand km. Carrier Ethernet attributes increasingly incorporated in commercial solutions ATM and Frame Relay are increasingly weak options. Fear of the unknown remains but Carrier Ethernet has advantage of incumbency Urgent need for improvement to make services pro table Marginal negative impact on demand (depends on how fast Carrier Ethernet is embraced) Huge potential to stimulate demand for Carrier Ethernet which in turn will improve economics (due to scope and scale)
Because service providers use so many web connections, they should be asked about the security of their web applications. This should include whether they follow Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines for secure application development. This is similar to Requirement 6.5 of PCI, which requires compliance with OWASP coding procedures. When dealing with a provider, you should seek out those who are able (willing) to talk about how they handle breaches among their staff as well as where data is stored. Given the wide range of server deployment, your data could be sitting on a server in Brazil, Germany, or Thailand. This harkens back to the jurisdictional issues we discussed in 2, but it also adds compliance and legal issues in different countries.
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Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
NOTE In the example in Figure 3-2, there are only two zones, so the data collector must only replicate the updates it receives from the member servers once to the other data collector. If there were 3 zones, the data collector would have to replicate the same information twice. This causes higher bandwidth consumption and places a higher load on the data collectors in the farm.
Click the application icon on the desktop. Click Start | Programs, the program group, and the application name.
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