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Explanation of the Elements in the show interfaces Command (Continued)
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In this output, the router, on Serial1/0, first receives a status reply from the switch to the two hundred ninetieth LMI status enquiry the router sent this is the very first line of the debug output. Following this on the fifth line is the router s two hundred ninety-first status enquiry (StEnq) being sent to the switch.
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13.10 In-Service Maintenance Signals The ability of the synchronous network to generate alarm and performance monitoring data, and to propagate this information throughout the network, is one of the keys to the efficiency and flexibility of this system. The wide range of alarm signals and parity checks built into the synchronous signal structure support effective in-service testing. Major alarm conditions such as Loss of Signal (LOS), Loss of Frame (LOF), and Loss of Pointer (LOP) cause an Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) to be transmitted downstream. Different AIS signals are generated depending upon which level of the maintenance hierarchy is affected. In response to the different AIS signals, and detection of major receiver alarm conditions, other alarm signals are sent upstream to warn of trouble downstream. Far End Receive Failure (FERF) is sent upstream in the MS/Line overhead after MS/Line AIS, or LOS, or LOF has been detected by equipment terminating in a Multiplexer Section span. A Remote Alarm Indication (RAI) for a high-order path is sent upstream after Path AIS or LOP has been detected by equipment terminating a path. Similarly, a Remote Alarm Indication (RAI) for a low-order path is sent upstream after low-order Path AIS or LOP has been detected by terminating equipment. Figures 13.15 and 13.16 depict the alarm flow in SONET and SDH networks, respectively. Performance monitoring at each level in the maintenance hierarchy is based on BitInterleaved Parity (BIP) checks calculated on a frame-by-frame basis. These BIP checks are inserted in the overhead associated with each of the three network maintenance spans. The FEBE signals are sent upstream to the originating end of a path. Section 13.13.2 gives brief descriptions of alarms generated by the synchronous system at RS/Section, MS/Line, AU/STS Path levels. 13.11 Subdivision and Concatenation The frame structures described above are tailored to carry a specific PDH data signal, namely DS3 for the SONET SPE and E4 for SDH VC4. The obvious question is, How does the synchronous network carry payloads that differ from the rates that fill the SPE/VC The answer for lower-rate signals is by use of Virtual Tributaries (VTs) or Tributary Units (TUs).
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For clarity we set ( x) = cot x, ( x) = csc2 x. Then our integral becomes 3 ( x) ( x) dx = 1 ln 3 3 ( x) ( x) ln 3 dx = 1 ln 3 3 ( x) + C .
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Bass and Low-Frequency-Effects
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This program checks each character read from stdin and reports all those that are digits:
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ciscoasa(config)# username richard password mysecret ciscoasa(config)# aaa-server AAATAC protocol tacacs+ ciscoasa(config)# aaa-server AAATAC (inside) host key cisco123 ciscoasa(config)# aaa authentication serial console AAATAC LOCAL ciscoasa(config)# aaa authentication enable console AAATAC LOCAL ciscoasa(config)# aaa authentication ssh console AAATAC ciscoasa(config)# aaa authentication http console AAATAC ciscoasa(config)# ssh inside ciscoasa(config)# http inside
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Why Enable Force Login
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10.4.1 10.4.2 10.4.3
The following error may occur if the index file cannot be found: Error received: Attempt to serve directory /Service/WebService/. Issue: When trying to connect to the Password Manager Service machine using the address https://<FQDNofServiceMachine>:<Port>/MPMService/, the index file will not be found. Resolution: There is not an index page for the Password Manager web services. To contact each individual web service, refer to Check 1 in the Troubleshooting the Connection section.
2. InfoView prompts you to select a universe. Your company may have more universes, but only the ones to which you have access are displayed. Some companies have multiple universe folders for test and production environments or for each business unit. Select the desired universe and double-click to launch the query panel.
(a) the oxidation of Ag, K, and Cu, and (b) the reduction of Ag , K , Cu(I), and Cu(II). 2. Write the net ionic equation for (a) the reaction of copper solid with silver nitrate to form copper(II) nitrate and silver solid, and (b) the reaction of copper solid with potassium nitrate that would form copper(II) nitrate and potassium solid.
When you boot up in multiple mode from the CLI, you are taken into the system area. The system area is used to configure the physical properties of the interfaces, create VLANs for trunking, create resource classes to restrict the context system resource usage, and initially to create the contexts themselves. You can also password-protect the system area to restrict access to it, as well as other administrative functions. In other words, the system area is where you configure system resources that affect the security appliance as a whole; however, the individual security policies are configured within the contexts themselves. The system area doesn t count as a context itself and thus doesn t affect your licensing.
4MB 4MB 61.5MB (6.5MB can be used for audio)
FIGURE 20-2 BDR ID = Priority = 1 A ID = Priority = 1 B ID = Priority = 1 C
(bit/s)/km basis, which will always be less than that for copper cable, when used within a building, some organizations may require only a fraction of the capacity of the optical fiber. For this reason, it is often difficult to justify fiber to the desktop and similar applications where the cost of copper cable, such as category 5 cable, may be half or less than the cost of fiber. Now that we have an appreciation for the advantages and disadvantages associated with optical transmission systems, we will conclude this chapter by previewing the succeeding chapters in this book. As noted earlier in this chapter you can use this information by , itself or in conjunction with the index of this book to locate specific information if you wish to turn to a topic of immediate interest.
The IDictionary<TKey, TValue> interface defines the behavior of a generic collection that maps unique keys to values. That is, it defines a collection that stores key/value pairs. IDictionary<TKey, TValue> inherits IEnumerable, IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>>, and ICollection<KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>> and is the generic version of the non-generic IDictionary. The methods declared by IDictionary<TKey, TValue> are summarized in Table 25-12. All throw an ArgumentNullException if an attempt is made to specify a null key. IDictionary<TKey, TValue> defines the following properties:
Seawater strainer
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Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
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