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Object is the class that underlies the C# object type. The members of Object were discussed in 11, but because of its central role in C#, its methods are repeated in Table 21-16 for your convenience. Object defines one constructor, which is shown here: public Object( ) It constructs an empty object.
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11.5.6 Further Studies of Continuous, Long-Term Monitoring of Two Advanced Polymer Composite Bridges
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There are thus two natural frequencies for the two degrees of freedom system, each associated with its own modal vector u. The exact shape of the system s motion at a particular natural frequency (known as a mode shape) can be determined analytically by solving for the vector u. In this case, solving the equation above for u = [us ut]T gives:
Introduction to Cellular Radio Networks
Use the Raw Lab to color- and tone-correct high-quality digital images.
4. Inferring Why must all the solutions being tested be the same concentration
A firm understanding of how passive and active components function at high frequencies, as well as a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts of lumped and distributed transmission lines, S-parameters, and radio-frequency (RF) propagation, is essential to successful circuit design. 1.1 Passive Components at RF
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In this form, a new delegate is explicitly instantiated using new. Although you will still find this longer form in use in some code, the previous approach is far simpler and is more widely used. With either approach, the method s signature must match that of the delegate s declaration. If it doesn t, a compile-time error will result. Next, ReplaceSpaces( ) is called through the delegate instance strOp, as shown here:
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Many corporations are dispersing critical data over wide geographic areas using storage networking concepts (SAN). Again, there are various applications of interest here. Foremost is disaster recovery (via remote backup) to ensure mission-critical operation during natural disasters, power outages, and so on. Another requirement is for real-time, synchronized mirroring (replication) of data at different sites for load-balancing, business scaling/productivity, and so on. Finally, the storage-on-demand market is also being explored by some provider organizations. In all of these settings, geographic diameters are generally limited to 100 km, although these are expected to scale over the years. Today, Fibre Channel is the most prevalent SAN technology, delivering extremely reliable transfers via a low-latency block transfer protocol. Related interface speeds range from 1.0 to 10 Gbps, and most setups are of a closed nature, implemented over dark fiber. Given its specialized nature, Fibre Channel requires skilled technical staff, yielding a high total cost of ownership (TCO). It is here that new IP/Ethernet-based standards are helping to open up this sector to improved economies of scale, namely, Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), which allows organizations to recoup their SAN investments and extend interfaces over ubiquitous IP domains. Meanwhile Internet SCSCI (iSCSI) and remote direct memory access (RDMA) move a step further by directly implementing SAN-type transfers at the IP/Ethernet layer.
Fig. 14-8 A plot of v c (t), the voltage across the capacitor in Example 14-5. The voltage blows up so the circuit is zero input unstable.
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