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The laws of exponents work equally well for negative and fi-actional exponents.
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Figure 2-7
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The default for this command is svc ask none default webvpn, where the ASA immediately displays the home/portal page for WebVPN clientless connections. The default keyword specifies what should happen if the user doesn t choose within the specified period download the AnyConnect or SVC client (svc), or display the home/ portal page (webvpn). The timeout parameter specifies the number of seconds the user has to accept the download; if not accepted, the user is taken to the home/portal page. Figure 20-2 shows an example where the following configuration was used for the group policy:
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What are the symptoms of maternal toxoplasmosis
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fiber distributed data interface (FDDI) A local area network technology that consists of a dual ring with redundant network cabling and counter-rotating logical tokens. fiber optics A cabling standard that uses optical fiber instead of metal conductors.
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