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Displacement (cm) Velocity (cm/rad) Acceleration (cm/rad/rad) Constraint 1 0 45 90 Cam rotation angle (deg.)
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The data decode (Figure 24.6c) shows the values of every byte for frame 4626 in hexadecimal or a data code (such as ASCII or EBCDIC). It also can be used to read strings of text within packets.
Select items in your document by using the Select command.
23: Wireless Data Communications (Mobile IP)
4.5.2 Additivity
Returning Objects
Dot/bar display driver 47 k , 1 4-watt resistor 200 k , 15-turn trimpot 100 k , 15-turn trimpot 47 F electrolytic capacitor 0.1 F capacitor 10-segment LED bar graph or individual red or individual green
An organization will probably have several additional IS control objectives on other basic topics such as malware, availability, and resource management. Like ordinary control objectives, IS control objectives will be supported by one or more controls.
Step by Step
Reports are sometimes the only human-readable data available during each business cycle. Whether for research, reference, or statutory requirement, it is often necessary to retain reports for a minimum period of up to several years. Reports containing sensitive data will need to be physically safeguarded to prevent access by unauthorized personnel. NOTE Output controls are just as vital as input controls, because the outputs from one system do not necessarily become the inputs to another system that the organization has control over. Sometimes, one system s output will become another system s inputs where little or no input validation takes place.
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