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Backup Data Collector/Backup FMS
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Although the preceding examples have used only constants as initializers, C# allows variables to be initialized dynamically, using any expression valid at the point at which the variable is declared. For example, here is a short program that computes the volume of a cylinder given the radius of its base and its height:
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The following table denotes the supported and tested ODBC Client Database versions. Updates to the third-party ODBC clients occur frequently; please use Table 4-5 as a guideline. Citrix recommends updating to the latest available ODBC client version for the particular database being used prior to the installation of Presentation Server. CAUTION Oracle client 8.1.5 is not supported. This client must be upgraded to 8.1.55 prior to the installation of MetaFrame XP 1.0 or higher. IMPORTANT The 8.1.7 and native Oracle clients require a registry modification prior to the installation of MetaFrame XP 1.0. This does not apply to later versions. The Citrix Knowledge Base Article CTX949726 refers to this issue. Please see the Citrix Support Knowledge Base on the Web at for more information. Additional considerations for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2 as data stores for Presentation Server are listed in the following. Although Presentation Server uses ODBC for connectivity, other ODBC compliant databases are not supported with Presentation Server.
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Because strOp refers to ReplaceSpaces( ), ReplaceSpaces( ) is invoked.
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If a server switch receives a VTP message from another server, and the advertising server has a lower revision number, the receiving server switch will respond to the advertising server with a VTP message with its current configuration revision number. This will tell the advertising server switch that it doesn t have the most up-to-date VLAN information and should request it from the server that does. In this sense, the revision number used in a VTP message is somewhat similar to the sequence number used in TCP. Also, remember that transparent switches are not processing these VTP advertisements they simply passively forward these messages to other switches on their trunk ports. IOS switches save the VLAN database and revision value in the vlan.dat file, not the startup-config file: server, transparent, and client mode switches.The erase startup-config command will not delete this file.Therefore, it is possible that if you boot up a switch that has a higher revision number than an existing server switch in a domain, the switch s VLAN configuration could overwrite the existing VLAN information in the domain. You should delete the vlan.dat file on the switch before adding it to an existing network.This is done from Privilege EXEC mode with this command: delete vlan.dat. You must press ENTER twice after executing the command to confirm your option.
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E X A M P L E 4.13
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Operator Overloading
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for(x=1; x<11; ++x) printf("%d", sqr(x)); return 0; } int sqr(int a) { return a*a; }
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Amplifier Design
Putting these results together, we see that the system response decreases with increasing frequency. This is shown in Fig. 15-3. To characterize H ( ), we again pick up a minus sign since the function of frequency in this case is in the denominator. So we have H ( ) = tan 1 with asymptotic behavior given by H ( ) = tan 1 H ( ) = tan 1 A plot of this is shown in Fig. 15-4. EXAMPLE 15-4 For our nal example, sketch the Bode plot for H ( ) = 300 2 5 + j + j11 + 10 0 as 0 10 as 10 2 10
100Pout, dB Pout 10 log _______ 100Pout 1 10 log ____ 100 10 log 0.01 20 dB
Capture buffer
you re constraining rotation to the Y axis of the object and not touching the X axis rotation.
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
'to turn. If both detectors return 'equal values, then go straight, 'otherwise turn in the direction that 'had the stronger return probability. 'i.e. a lower hit number. 'Make a small left turn move 'Send a 2 ms pulse to the right servo 'Send a 2 ms pulse to the left servo 'Pause for 15 ms. This delay sets up 'the ~50 Hz servo update frequency 'Make a small right turn move
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