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Pelvic Actinomycosis
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Progress of the Write Operation
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Although it is entirely proper to use the open( ) function for opening a file, most of the time you will not do so because the ifstream, ofstream, and fstream classes have constructors that automatically open the file. The constructors have the same parameters and defaults as the open( ) function. Therefore, the most common way you will see a file opened is shown in this example:
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11: Review Questions and Answers
Digital Photography QuickSteps
Specified levels must be maintained at each point in the system to assure good performance. The signal levels at different frequencies are just as important. Here is how they are measured. Cable TV uses frequency division multiplexing onto the coaxial cable, as shown in Figure 13-4 .
SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration
Initialize count to zero. If count is less than 5, execute the WriteLine( ) statement.
Applying Virtual Methods
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Strings Are Immutable
The C# Language
number StdDev(number [report_variable])
Although this next feature is used only by a select few, it enables you to associate data such as text names and/or comments, numerical and/or capital values, or measurements to any object. This is useful for engineering, architecture, or other related industries or professions that involve evaluating or tracking a drawing s objects using numeric data. All functions of this are accomplished using the Object Data Manager docker (opened by choosing Tools | Object Data Manager) and using the Object Data Field Editor, shown in Figure 12-12, opened by clicking the Open Field Editor button in the docker. The purpose of this docker is to assign data to each individual object in your drawing and to obtain quick summaries of the data in spreadsheet style. For example, if your drawing features the various parts of an industrial product, assign dollar values to each part, and then you can get a quick summary of the total cost of all parts. The Object Data docker does exactly this. You can also associate other nonnumeric data, such as text comments and summaries.
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