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1. The scope of rehabilitation shall include all work required to assure satisfactory performance of the concrete deck, as well as supporting superstructure and substructure units. This may include items such as: The removal of existing overlays Removal and replacement of all deteriorated components Complete removal and replacement of the entire bridge deck if necessary. 2. This work may also include repair or removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete curbs, sidewalks, parapets, as well as rail, deck joints, bearings, or similar incidental items which are associated with proper functional restoration of the structure. 3. Safety improvements should be undertaken with the above described work when such improvements eliminate an established hazardous condition. Such safety improvements may include widening, elimination of hazardous walks and substandard safety hardware, removal of hazardous xed objects or the installation of an energy absorbing barrier system, and any other features that are consistent with current safety standards.
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1. Create or select at least one drawing shape that you want to use as a guideline. 2. Open the Object Manager docker by choosing Tools | Object Manager. 3. Expand the tree directories in the Object Manager docker to locate both the Guides
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1.0 0.9 0.8 Attenuation (dB/km) 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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1440 1080 24 fps 12 bits 1280 720 24 fps 12 bits 720 480 30 fps 12 bits 720 576 25 fps 12 bits 720 480 24 fps 12 bits
Automatic conversion from long to double.
Circuit Emulation Services over Ethernet (CESoE) As noted previously, non packet services such as PDH and SONET/SDH account for a significant amount of customer demand in the market today, and Service Providers expect to leverage this opportunity. As Service Providers move to a Carrier Ethernet based packet-optimized network infrastructure, they should still be able to provide these services. This requirement translates into being able to transport these synchronous Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) digital signals over an asynchronous Ethernet infrastructure. Or put another way, a TDM circuit-switched network should be emulated over this packet infrastructure and provide what is referred to as circuit emulation services (CES). In effect, these services tunnel customers TDM traffic over the Ethernet network, as shown in Figure 2.18. The customers source and destination TDM equipment on either end is unaware of this circuit emulation. Such CES typically run over standard E-LINE service. With CES over Ethernet (CESoE), service providers can leverage the inherent advantages of Carrier Ethernet flexibility, simplicity, and lowered OPEX,17 while delivering legacy applications such as TDM voice and private lines (which still account for a very large proportion of revenues for most Service Providers). Thus, with CESoE, Service Providers can cost effectively offer a complete portfolio of emerging Ethernet services along with the legacy services, obtaining an approximately 30 percent savings in infrastructure costs, and OPEX can be realized by migrating to an unified Ethernet infrastructure.
The global properties of a planar contour are its area, the position vector of its centroid, and its moments and products of inertia about a certain point, e.g., its centroid. Likewise, the global geometric properties of a closed region of the 3-D space are its volume, the position vector of its centroid, and its 3 3 inertia matrix about a certain point such as its centroid. Below we recall the formal de nitions of these items. 7.3.1 Planar Contours Let R denote the region bounded by a closed contour C in the x-y plane, and p the position vector of a point P of R in a frame F (O, x, y, z). Moreover, its area is denoted by A, its rst moment by vector q, and its inertia matrix about the given origin O by IO. Thus, A = dA
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It is not necessary to specify each comma for each position. Specifying one comma causes it to be inserted into the value every third digit from the left of the decimal point. For example,
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What do you consider the next challenge for the business What we have done for almost two years is nail getting people movies by shipping them pieces of plastic. By doing DVD distribution as a near video-on-demand alternative. We are in the process right now of taking the next step, which is moving up the value chain a bit. Right now we do two things well. We help you nd a movie that you re going to love and we get it to you quickly and conveniently. We look at those two things and we are much more interested in the former than the latter. So, the thing that we really want to continue to become phenomenal at is helping you nd movies that you love. We will then become more agnostic about how you choose to get the movie delivered to you. We will say, Hey, we re great about getting you the movies you love. If you want to use the Marquee program, fantastic. If you want to buy a DVD, what tools can we give you to help you buy the right DVD. If you want to stream it to yourself, let s point you to where you can stream it. If you want to download it, you can download it. If you want to see it in the theater, you can see it in the theater. Do you think your service would even be possible without the Internet The valuable part of what we do is by matching your tastes with millions of people, we can help you avoid watching a dog. Or help steer you to a gem that you never would have found otherwise. That can t happen without the Internet. I can t imagine that happening in your local video rental. It isn t conceivable. There is a network effect. The more people who do it, the stronger the recommendations get, the more people do it. That is the power of the Internet.
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