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In the preceding example, the array has an element type of int, which is a value type. All methods defined by Array are automatically available to all of the built-in value types. However, this may not be the case for arrays of object references. To sort or search an array of object references, the class type of those objects must implement either the IComparable or IComparable<T> interface. If the class does not implement one of these interfaces, a runtime exception will occur when attempting to sort or search the array. Fortunately, both IComparable and IComparable<T> are easy to implement. IComparable defines just one method: int CompareTo(object obj) This method compares the invoking object against the value in obj. It returns greater than zero if the invoking object is greater than obj, zero if the two objects are equal, and less than zero if the invoking object is less than obj. IComparable<T> is the generic version of IComparable. It defines the generic version of CompareTo( ): int CompareTo(T other) The generic version of CompareTo( ) works like the non-generic version. It compares the invoking object against the value in other. It returns greater than zero if the invoking object is greater than other, zero if the two objects are equal, and less than zero if the invoking object is less than other. The advantage of using IComparable<T> is type-safety because the type of data being operated upon is explicitly specified. There is no need to cast the object being compared from object into the desired type. Here is an example that illustrates sorting and searching an array of user-defined class objects:
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Of course, a given resource reservation could fail, in which case an error message is returned. Two error message exist: PathErr and ResvErr. PathErr messages are simply passed back to the sender whose PATH message led to the error. ResvErr messages are sent to a receiver when a given reservation request fails. With merged flowspecs, it is important that a reservation
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A box is to be made from a sheet of cardboard that measures 12 12 . The construction will be achieved by cutting a square from each corner of
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4. The properties shown in Figure 16-4 must all be present for the text to qualify: For
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5. Choose Window | Dockers | Object Manager. Click-drag the title Group of 100
The second participation rate is calculated as follows: $116,250 $562,500 $75,000 $375,000 100 22%
ELSE IF one operand is a float operand, the second is promoted to float. ELSE IF one operand is a ulong, the second is promoted to ulong (unless it is of type sbyte, short, int, or long, in which case an error results). ELSE IF one operand is a long, the second is promoted to long. ELSE IF one operand is a uint and the second is of type sbyte, short, or int, both are promoted to long. ELSE IF one operand is a uint, the second is promoted to uint. ELSE both operands are promoted to int. There are a couple of important points to be made about the type promotion rules. First, not all types can be mixed in an expression. Specifically, there is no implicit conversion from float or double to decimal, and it is not possible to mix ulong with any signed integer type. To mix these types requires the use of an explicit cast.
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4. Click the library you want available. 5. Drag any of your saved library symbols into the new document.
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Cisco s proprietary InterSwitch Link (ISL) protocol for Ethernet IEEE s 802.1Q, commonly referred to as dot1q for Ethernet
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