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// Error, cannot return reference to local var. int &f() { int i=10; return i; }
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17.5 NR* NR 17.5 17.5 15.5 16.0 15.5 16.0 15.5 16.0 17.5 NR 17.5 17.5 17.5 14.2 NR 15.5 16.0 17.5 15.5 16.0 16.5 16.5 17.5 17.5 15.5 17.5 17.5 15.5 16.0 NR NR 15.5 17.5 17.5 NR
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Table 12.11 Format of the inventory of damage following an earthquake. Bridge Components and Highway Structures Approach Slab Embankment Utilities/Light Poles Deck Slab Parapet and Railing Inlets and Scuppers Sidewalks Girders Bearings Sign Structures Retaining Walls Abutments Piers Footings Scour Countermeasures Mildly Damaged Moderately Damaged Severely Damaged Remarks
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Figure 4.16 Plastic forces acting on non-composite section.
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IP Addressing Information
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This fragment uses getch( ) to read the user s menu selection for a spelling checker program.
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Recall from the preceding chapter that your InfoView preferences determine which Web Intelligence viewer is used when you open a document and whether or not the document appears in a separate browser window or within the Workspace panel. This section assumes you are using the HTML viewer and that the document should open in a new browser section. To open the document: 1. Locate the desired document within either a shared folder or a personal folder. 2. Click the name of the document. Figure 18-1 shows a document in the HTML viewer, supported in all versions of Web Intelligence.
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Tunnel Limits
N 1 Refractive index of core glass N 2 Refractive index of cladding glass N 1 N 2 by approximately 1%
You can combine several Artistic Text objects into a single Artistic Text object; you select all the Artistic Text objects with the Pick Tool, and then choose Arrange | Combine or press CTRL+L. Each Text object starts a new paragraph in the new Text object. The Text objects are combined in the order in which they are selected if you select several objects in one go by dragging a marquee around them, they will be selected from front to back. Text objects that do not contain spaces are combined onto a single line. If any of the selected objects is not a Text object, all the Text objects will be converted to curves and combined with the non-Text object.
The Format( ) Methods
to find significant improvements in performance by running the browser within a Citrix session rather than directly on the client workstation. Citrix is committed to deploying all applications effectively through an on-demand access environment. While not part of XenApp Platinum Edition, Citrix NetScaler complements it by optimizing the delivery of mission-critical web applications. It makes more sense to implement an application delivery infrastructure that will work for both Windows and web-based applications than it does to continue investing in a bloated PC-based architecture that is inefficient today and that will be even more inefficient in the future.
ASA1 Internet Outside
As shown by Eq. (13.6), Rs is indicative of the tendency for a motion to excite large steadystate vibrations. Figures 13.7 and 13.8 illustrate typical residual vibration characteristics obtained using solution numbers 1 to 3 tuned for F2d = and 10, respectively. For comparison we have also shown the characteristics of parabolic and cycloidal motions. In plotting these curves we have only indicated the peak values of R joined by dotted lines, except in the immediate region of the designed operating point where we have plotted R exactly in order to show the sensitivity of the performance to changes in the operating conditions. From these gures the reader may verify several general observations. First, for large values of F2 (i.e., low speeds) the residual vibration of a family of cam pro les increases
Common ground Bonding
What is the risk of a trial of labor in a woman A 12% risk of uterine rupture, which with a prior classical uterine incision is associated with fetal death, maternal shock, and a 10% maternal mortality rate What is the risk of uterine rupture in a laboring patient with a prior lower uterine segment incision At what EGA is a cesarean section scheduled <1%
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