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would otherwise not be stored in the array. Once constructed, the actual array referred to by a and the error value stored in errval cannot be accessed by users of the FailSoftArray object. Thus, they are not open to misuse. For example, the user cannot try to index a directly, possibly exceeding its bounds. Access is available only through the Get( ) and Put( ) methods. The ok( ) method is private mostly for the sake of illustration. It would be harmless to make it public because it does not modify the object. However, since it is used internally by the FailSoftArray class, it can be private. Notice that the Length instance variable is public. This is in keeping with the way that C# implements arrays. To obtain the length of a FailSoftArray, simply use its Length member. To use a FailSoftArray array, call Put( ) to store a value at the specified index. Call Get( ) to retrieve a value from a specified index. If the index is out of bounds, Put( ) returns false and Get( ) returns errval. Since class members are private by default, there is no reason to explicitly declare them using private. Therefore, from this point forward, this book will not redundantly declare class members as private. Just remember that if a class member is not preceded by an access modifier, its access is private.
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Dwell Jerk Acceleration
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We are all used to the terms DC and AC and have seen constant voltage sources like 12 V for a battery. Although we may be used to 9 and 12 V batteries, in many situations the voltage in a circuit will vary with time. We have already indicated this by writing voltage as a time-dependent function v(t). Of particular interest are voltages that oscillate sinusoidally. For example, in the United States, the voltage in a household outlet oscillates between +170 and 170 V according to v(t) = 170 sin 377t In general, a sinusoidal function can be written as f (t) = A sin t (1.12) (1.11)
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network was converted to pulsed signals and sent to the receiving computer via its input/output port. Figure 5-7 illustrates modem development. At present, most modems are plug-in cards inserted into the computer main circuit board (motherboard) and connected directly to the telephone system via a modular telephone connector plug. As modems were required to transfer data at higher bit rates, the complexity of the modulation schemes increased. From simple FSK modulation with a data rate of 300 to 600 bits per second, development led to binary phase shift keying, which increased the effective bit rate to 1200 bits per second (bps). Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) increased the telco modem effective bit rate to the present standards. Current modem advertisements state the modem bit rate at 56 Kbps, quali ed by the statement that the speed at 56 Kbps depends on the line quality of the local exchange carrier (LEX). Because a cable television system could easily provide data rates equal or greater than this speed, the development of a cable modem is necessary for a cable operator to enter this phase of service. 5.132 The use of telco modems allowed residential and business computer systems to interconnect. A network of simple dial-up modems and leased line systems produced an area network among connected users. In-house networks where computers were connected via buses, switchers, and channel routers formed local area networks (LAN).
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Analog Measurement Instrumentation 572 Network Test Instrumentation
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Here s an example of viewing a summary of the host information:
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C is very rich in built-in operators. An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific mathematical or logical manipulations. There are four general classes of operators in C: arithmetic, relational, logical, and bitwise. In addition, there are some special operators for particular tasks.
Related Function
Symbolic translation Command prompting Syntax checking Command recall
Signed Reports
of some cells and move to propel the cell forward.
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In the Jobs display, the Elapsed Time values for the copied reports will be incorrect. (This is because of the way Report Center calculates Elapsed Time; it uses the creation time of the files and this time changed when the reports were copied across to the new machine.)
Open a magazine dedicated to computer graphics and you ll find yourself confronted by a bewildering array of products for sale. Computer graphic artists and animators have more tools to choose from than just about any other development profession. That s because art tools are used by other industries as well film, video production, advertising, and so on so there s a great deal of demand for them.
Thinking about the word unique, Hannah realized that it is overused and not exactly right. My color combinations are unusual and special. I went to a thesaurus and used my word processor s synonym nder, and here are some alternatives I came up with that better express what I mean, rather than the trite word unique: without equal singular without rival alone apart incomparable matchless only peerless unequaled unparalleled lone
Tilt The Tilt value controls the elliptical shape of the Smudge Tool nib. Tilt is measured in degrees set between 15 (a flat-shaped nib) and 90 (a circular-shaped nib), as shown next. Tilt and Bearing values (discussed next) work in combination with each other to control the smudge nib shape.
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