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more type modifiers. These modifiers are discussed later in this book. Although there is no syntactic rule that enforces it, a well-designed class should define one and only one logical entity. For example, a class that stores names and telephone numbers will not normally also store information about the stock market, average rainfall, sunspot cycles, or other unrelated information. The point here is that a well-designed class groups logically connected information. Putting unrelated information into the same class will quickly destructure your code. Up to this point, the classes that we have been using have had only one method: Main( ). However, notice that the general form of a class does not specify a Main( ) method. A Main( ) method is required only if that class is the starting point for your program.
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then we can approximate this value by a Riemann sum
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Generally, most of the screws used in experimental robot construction are 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, and 1/4-20. Here s what these numbers mean: The 6-32 means screw size number 6, or 0.138-inch diameter with 32 threads per inch. This is a coarse thread for this size screw; likewise for a number 8 screw, but a fine thread is used on a number 10 screw. In the 1/4-inch sizes, 1/4-20 is coarse, and 1/4-28 is fine. Screws get much smaller, such as an 0-80, which is 0.060 inches in diameter with 80 threads per inch or even as small as 000 size, or 0.034-inch in diameter. If you re going through a surplus house and find a good buy on screws and bolts, make sure you locate the proper nuts for them because, for example, a 1/4-20 nut will not fit on a 1/4-28 bolt or screw. Bolts are generally larger and range from 1/4-20 or 28 to 1/2 inch or larger. Metric screws and bolts are becoming increasingly popular, especially on automobiles, and are designated in millimeters or fractions thereof; be careful not to mix the two types, though, as one will not fit on the other. We mentioned tensile strength earlier as the ability of the screw to withstand stretching before breaking, but shear strength is probably the most important quality of a machine screw in most robot mechanical applications. High shear strength is the ability of the screw s shank to withstand shearing action not the ability of the screw to be pinched in half or bent until it breaks. Hand-held crimpers for wire terminal lugs often contain screw cutters that allow a person to screw in a 4-40 to 10-32 screw and then shear it off to a desired length. In a typical combat robot match, a robot can be struck repeatedly by an opponent s weapon(s) until its internal members literally start to shear the fastening screws in half. Many mild steel screws purchased in small plastic packages at hardware stores can easily fail the shear-strength test. You need to pay close attention to the type of steel used in the screws. You will certainly pay more for 18-8 stainless steel screws, or the even more expensive alloy steel screws; but large robot construction, especially combat robots, requires the extra strength. Now that you ve got a good idea of what fastener you re using on what parts of your robot, take care to install them correctly. If you re boring several holes in several pieces of metal that use multiple fasteners to hold them together, clamp the metal pieces together and bore the first hole through all the metal pieces. Insert your fastener through the hole and tighten a nut on it. Do this with each new hole. This way, the pieces of metal will have accurately matched sets of holes. Don t hesitate to use washers on each side of the nut/bolt or nut/screw combination to spread the load, especially with softer metals such as aluminum and brass. Use a lock washer, where applicable, such as a typical split washer, rather than the lighter duty inside or outside washers. A fender washer that has a wider rim than a standard washer is useful to bind objects together, such as a pulley attached to the body of your bot. In areas of your robot where vibration may be a severe problem, such as a combat robot, the use of a lock nut is preferred. These types of nuts offer resistance to screwing when tightening, but they also offer resistance to coming unscrewed during vibration. Some lock nuts derive their binding resistance from being slightly
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A bridge is a resistive circuit with two deltas or two Y s connected. This is shown in Fig. 5-6 where two circuits share the same base resistor. A Wheatstone bridge is a variation of this circuit which can be used to measure an unknown resistance. Looking at Fig. 5-6, we can construct a Wheatstone bridge in the following way. A voltage source V is connected to terminals A-B. Next, we replace R5 with a Galvanometer (a device that can measure current) which is connected to the rest of the circuit by a switch which is initially open. The resistance R2 is an adjustable resistance. An unknown resistance is placed in the position of R4 , the device is designed to determine what R4 is. The variable resistance R2 is adjusted until the galvanometer switch can be closed without causing any movement in the galvanometer needle. This means that there is zero voltage across the galvanometer. At that time the voltages across the four resistors R1 , R2 , R3 , R4 satisfy V1 = V2 ,
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A low-pass lter works in a manner opposite to a high-pass lter. This time, we only allow frequencies below the cutoff frequency to pass through. A plot of an ideal low-pass lter is shown in Fig. 8-8. If > c , since the transfer function is zero there is no response to high-frequency input. Next, we consider a band-pass lter. This type of lter will allow frequencies that fall within a certain frequency range or band to pass through, while blocking all others. The transfer function for a band-pass lter is shown in Fig. 8-9. Finally, a band-stop lter allows most frequencies to pass through but blocks frequencies within a certain range. This is illustrated in Fig. 8-10. EXAMPLE 8-4 Consider the circuit shown in Fig. 8-11 with the voltage source given by v s (t) = V0 cos t. The output of the circuit is the voltage across the resistor R. Show that this circuit functions as a high-pass lter and plot the magnitude of the transfer function. SOLUTION KVL in a clockwise direction around the loop in Fig. 8-11 gives V0 cos t = v c + Ri
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// PhoneList can manage any type of phone list // as long as it is derived from PhoneNumber. class PhoneList<T> where T : PhoneNumber { T[] phList; int end; public PhoneList() { phList = new T[10];
(a) Knife-edge follower.
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A simple mailer
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