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Damage Assessment Whether a disaster is a physically violent event such as an earthquake or volcano, or instead involves no physical manifestation, such as a serious security incident, one or more experts are needed who can examine affected assets and accurately assess the damage. Because most organizations own many different types of assets (from buildings to equipment to information), qualified experts are needed to assess each asset type involved. It is not necessary to call upon all available experts, only those whose expertise matches the type of event that has occurred. Some expertise may go well beyond the skills present in an organization, such as a building structural engineer who can assess potential earthquake damage. In such cases it may be sensible to retain the services of an outside engineer who will respond and provide an assessment on whether a building is safe to occupy after a disaster. Salvage Disasters destroy assets that the organization uses to make products or perform services. When a disaster occurs, someone (either a qualified employee or an outside expert) needs to examine assets to determine which are salvageable; then a salvage team needs to perform the actual salvage operation at a pace that meets the organization s needs. In some cases, salvage may be a critical-path activity, where critical processes are paralyzed until salvage and repairs to machinery can be performed. In other cases, the salvage operation is performed on inventory of finished goods, raw materials, and other items so that business operations can be resumed. Occasionally, when it is obvious that damaged equipment or materials are a total loss, the salvage effort is one of selling the damaged items or materials to some organization that wants them. Assessment of damage to assets may be a high priority when an organization will be filing an insurance claim. Insurance may be a primary source of funding for the organization s recovery effort. NOTE Salvage operations may be a critical-path activity, or one that can be carried out well after the disaster. The command-and-control function will need to help decide the priority.
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The height o f a Btree is small even for a large table w h e n the branching factor is large. A n upper bound or limit o n the height (h) o f a Btree is
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6. Observing and Inferring What gas was released as the club soda was heated
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Thevenin s and Norton s Theorems
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Part I:
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Emotional Patterns of Sevens
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Q.931 message structure. Q.931 uses messages to convey information between two layer 3 entities. The key elements of the frame, illustrated in Figure 9.9, are:
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/* Examine Cookies. To see what cookies a website uses, specify its name on the command line. For example, if you call this program CookieDemo, then CookieDemo displays the cookies associated with */ using System; using System.Net; class CookieDemo { static void Main(string[] args) { if(args.Length != 1) { Console.WriteLine("Usage: CookieDemo <uri>"); return ; } // Create a WebRequest to the specified URI. HttpWebRequest req = (HttpWebRequest) WebRequest.Create(args[0]); // Get an empty cookie container. req.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer(); // Send the request and return the response. HttpWebResponse resp = (HttpWebResponse) req.GetResponse(); // Display the cookies. Console.WriteLine("Number of cookies: " + resp.Cookies.Count); Console.WriteLine("{0,-20}{1}", "Name", "Value");
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CAUTION In Presentation Server 3.0, the INDEXIND2 index does not exist. Make sure you do not execute the CREATE_MASTER_REPOBJECT procedure to add the INDEXIND2 index to the master group if you are using Presentation Server 3.0. Doing so will corrupt the master group. 3. Add the following index to the master group.
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FIGURE 1.2. Cam design functions.
_splitpath("C:\\MYDIR\\MYFILE.DAT", drive, dir, fname, ext); printf("%s %s %s %s\n", drive, dir, fname, ext); return 0; }
Interconnecting to the PSTN
capacity management The IT function that consists of activities that confirm there is sufficient capacity in IT systems and IT processes to meet service needs. Primarily, an IT system or process has sufficient capacity if its performance falls within acceptable range, as specified in service-level agreements (SLA). See also IT service management, servicelevel agreement.
When entering the register value, you must always precede it with 0x, indicating that this is a hexadecimal value. If you don t do so, the router assumes the value is decimal and converts it to hexadecimal. On Cisco routers, the default configuration register value is 0x2102, which causes the router to use the default bootup process in finding and locating IOS images and configuration files. If you change this to 0x2142, this tells the bootstrap program that, upon the next reboot, it should locate the IOS using the default behavior, but not to load the configuration file in NVRAM; instead, you are taken directly into the System Configuration Dialog. This is the value that you will use to perform the password recovery procedure.
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