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15: The Law and Private-Sector Use of Biometrics
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Ali, F., and R. Pavlidis. Syntactic Recognition of Hand-written Numerals. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. 7, no. 7 (1977). Boldridge, A.G., and R.W. Freund. United States Patent No. 4,035,768 (issued 12 July 1977). Personal Identification Apparatus. Assigned to Veripen Incorporated, New York, New York. CynerSign Inc. products/csign/cybersign.html. Fejfar, A., and W. Haberman. Automatic Identification of Personnel Through Speaker and Signature Verification System Description and Testing, Proceedings of Carnahan Conference on Crime Countermeasures. July 1977. Oxford, U.K. Gaines, R., W. Lisowski, S. Press, and N. Shapiro. Authentication by Keystroke Timing, RAND Report R-256-NSF. 1980. RAND Corporation. Gupta, G., and A. McCabe. A Review of Dynamic Handwritten Signature Verification. 1997. James Cook University. Townsville, Australia. Interlink Electronics, Inc. Joyce, R., and G. Gupta. Identity Authentication Based on Keystroke Latencies. Communications of the ACM 33. (February 1990): 168 176. Leclerc, F., and R. Plamondon. Automatic Signature Verification: The State of the Art 1989 1993. International Journal on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. 8, no. 3 (1994): 643 660. Leggett, J., and G. Williams. Verifying Identity via Keystroke Characteristics. International Journal Man-Machine Studies. 1 (1988): 67 76. Mayer, A., F. Monroe, M. Reiter, and A. Rubin. The Design and Analysis of Graphical Passwords. New York University. Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, AT&T Labs-Research. Monrose, F., and A. Rubin. Keystroke Dynamics as a Biometric for Authentication. Future Generation Computer Systems. 16 (2000): 351 359. Monrose, F., M. Reiter, and S. Wetzel. Password Hardening Based on Keystroke Dynamics. 2001. Bell Labs, Lucent Technology. Murray Hill, NJ. Published online. Springer-Verlag.
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As the number of universes in your deployment increases, you need to look for ways to reduce the maintenance costs while ensuring consistency for users. Linking universes is a viable way to maintain a core set of dimension tables that multiple universes then access. As you develop universes and reports, you also need to establish development and test environments. With the XI release, the Import Wizard can facilitate this via BIAR files, also allowing you to integrate changes with third-party version control software. A more proven and cost-effective solution is to use test folders. When you have multiple designers modifying the same universe, Designer offers a good check-in/check-out capability to tell you when a universe is being modified by another designer. Finally, keep in mind that BusinessObjects Enterprise is only one piece of a BI environment. Metadata from related components of a BI environment should be incorporated as part of an enterprise solution.
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Eliminating the fraction, 122 - 12x = 32 or 9z = 12x or 32 = 4x , produces a simple relationship between x and z. The related derivative rates are dz - - _ -4 dt
The following tips will assist you in preparing subtitles j Subtitles cannot cross chapter points or mark IDs.
Add The Add command adds a termination to a context. If the command does not specify a particular context to which to add the termination, then a new context is created. If the command does not indicate a specific TerminationID but instead uses the choose ($) wildcard, the MG will create a new ephemeral termination and add it to the context. Modify The Modify command changes the property values of a termination, instructs a termination to issue one or more signals, or instructs a termination to detect and report specific events. Subtract The Subtract command removes a termination from a context. The response to the command can provide statistics related to the termination s participation in the context. These reported statistics depend upon the type of termination in question. For an RTP termination, the statistics can include items such as packets sent,
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