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The planning team should incorporate the essentials of project management as part of the plan. Implementation teams must have well-defined tasks, and required resources must be identified. An estimated timeline for the project beta testing and rollout should be included as part of the planning document. An enterprise migration requires project manager authority, stakeholder buy-in, project reporting and tracking, task assignment, project change control, scope creep control, organizational change management, and timeline management. (Project management is discussed in detail in 7.)
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The Physical layer in a data communication protocol (also known as layer one or level one) deals with the actual transmission of bits over a communication link. A loose analogy for the physical layer is the function of the internal combustion engine and the resulting source of mechanical motion in an automobile. The engine system performs on its own as long as its lubrication, ignition, cooling, fuel, and oxygen supply elements are functioning properly, and as long as the operator avoids actions that would damage the engine. Protocols at layer one define the type of cable used to connect devices, the voltage levels used to represent the bits, the timing of the bits, the specific pin assignments for the connection, how the connection is established, whether the signal is electrically balanced or is single-ended, and so on. The specifications of EIA 232 in North America, or its V.24 European equivalent, are examples of Physical layer protocols. Note: Numbering of protocols is done by the various standards bodies. The X and V series are defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Europe; the EIA standards are published by the Electrical Industry Association in the United States. Other examples of Physical layer standards are the X.21 interface, EIA 449 interface, V.35 modem, 10Base-T Ethernet LAN, and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) LAN. The Physical layer elements interoperate with the media of connection and with the next layer of abstraction in the protocol (layer 2, the Data Link layer). Its specifications are electrical and mechanical in nature.
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For an early nish, try to accelerate the design process related to fast-track tasks and comprehensive assignments of rehabilitation and repair. A well-equipped matrix-formatted organization with a large, diverse staff, which permits the exibility and capability to work on numerous simultaneous assignments, is desirable. A proactive, x-it- rst approach, allowing full focus on the project scope, will minimize the potential for scope creep. It is important to communicate with the authority to discuss project status, potential bumps in the road, and the risk associated with project decisions relative to tasks related to schedule and budget. The design of the project can be accelerated by judiciously shaving the calendar time needed for speci c work activities. Depending on complexity, most bridge, roadway, traf c signal, and drainage improvement projects completion should not exceed one year, including reviews and permitting, following notice to proceed. An estimated time savings on individual tasks of one to three months can add to commensurate cost savings of up to 10 percent of the nal design cost. Electronic submissions: Maximize the use of electronic submission of reports/deliverables, via an FTP site, to save on reproduction/shipping costs and time. Documents will be received by SME reviewers more quickly so that they can be reviewed expeditiously, thereby saving time and electronically archived. On-board reviews: On-board reviews with the project team may be held throughout design. Prints may be hand-delivered to the project manager and SMEs at key development points and a team meeting held within two weeks. At this meeting, appropriate team members would be present and agree on the resolution of outstanding items. If any items are left unresolved at the end of this review meeting, dates for resolution would be agreed to, with remaining outstanding items bumped up to the next level for nal resolution. Individual discussions will be held with key personnel prior to scheduling these meetings and all key personnel will have ample time to preview the plans in order to make the meetings most productive.
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To help illustrate how SCCP connections are established between a Cisco IP Phone client and the Cisco CallManager server (VoIP gateway), as well as how connections between IP Phone clients are established, I ll use the example shown in Figure 13-2. When an IP Phone first boots up, it will use DHCP to learn its IP addressing information, which includes its IP address and subnet mask, a default gateway, a DNS server address, and a TFTP server address. With version 6.2, the appliances support DHCP options 150 and 166, which allow them to send the TFTP server address to DHCP clients, including Cisco IP Phones. I will discuss DHCP server features of the appliances in 26. The IP Phone client will use TFTP to download its configuration instructions from the TFTP server, which usually resides on the CallManager server. This will include its phone number. Normally CallManager will use the MAC address of the phone to determine the configuration file to associate with the phone.
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Using Shaping Operations to Massage the Design
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Drive your EV regularly several times a week. Remember, the chemical clock inside your lead-acid batteries is ticking whether you use them or not, so use them. Better yet, think of how much money you are saving by using your EV. The 20 6-volt 220-AH capacity batteries gave Jim Harris 1987 Ford Ranger conversion of 10 an onboard capacity of 26.6 kWh (220 AH 3 120 volts). If Jim got a 60-mile range out of one charge, his average energy use would be 0.44 kWh/mi (26.6 kWh/60 mi). At an average of $0.15 per kWh, that works out to be 6.6 cents per mile (0.44 kWh/mi 3 $0.15 per kWh). If you compare that with gasoline at $4.50 per gallon and a typical 25 mpg for the internal combustion engine pickup before conversion, that works out to 18 cents per mile (1/25 gal/mi 3 $4.50 per gal). That s almost a three-to-one savings take advantage of it. (Note: When we updated this to 2008 prices, the price ratio was better for electric vehicles versus the 1993 ratio that held steady for the past 50 years!)
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As mentioned earlier, values of type bool are automatically converted into the integers 0 or 1 when used in an integer expression. When an integer result is converted to type bool, 0 becomes false and a non-zero value becomes true. Although bool is a fairly
Another popular type of electronic circuit development and prototyping is wire wrapping. Just about the reverse of the prototyping boards with many small holes, wire wrapping involves the use of many headers with two rows of long, gold-plated square pins. The thin pins of the headers are inserted in a holder board and a wire-wrapping tool wraps a stripped, thin wire around a selected pin. Manual and battery-powered wire-wrapping tools are available in many electronic tool catalogs. You then cut off a desired length, strip the other end of the wire, and wrap it around another pin on another header. The pins can hold multiple wrapped wires. One bad feature of these types of boards, however, is the long pins that protrude out the back of the holder board; these can easily be bent and short to each other. This type of prototyping is best when using a series of dual in-line, pin-integrated circuits (DIP ICs).
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Display Spelling Suggestions You set the number of suggestions to display in the pop-up menu after right-clicking a misspelled word with the Text Tool. The maximum and default number of suggestions is 10. Add Corrections To QuickCorrect When checked, CorelDRAW will add a correction pair to the User Word List based on a correction made from the rightclick pop-up menu. Show Errors Which Have Been Ignored When you right-click a word, the pop-up menu includes an Ignore All command, which tells the Spell Checker to ignore this word. With this option set, CorelDRAW will still show ignored errors, but it will use a blue zigzag line to indicate that they have been ignored.
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The good news is that the chemistry of the lead-acid battery is simple. The bad news is that the way in which it actually happens is a bit more complex. Figure 3.4 shows a cross section of a cell. Both positive and negative electrodes are immersed in electrolyte. The reactive materials, lead and lead peroxide, are suspended on lead grids that serve to both support the materials and conduct electric current. So far, so simple. Now for the complications: Boat batteries are bounced around. In order that the plates not touch each other and short-circuit the cell, the many closely spaced plates (electrodes) are interleaved with porous berglass separators. The lead grid is chemically and electrically compatible with the active materials that it supports, but it is not very strong. To increase strength, it is alloyed with either antimony (conventional wet, deep-cycle batteries) or calcium (sealed, maintenance-free batteries). When the discharge reaction starts, lead sulfate rst forms at the electrode surfaces. As discharge continues, the already formed sulfate forms a barrier between the electrolyte and the unreacted material beneath, slowing the reaction and limiting the current. The greater the surface area and thinner the plates, the greater the possible current flow. Engine-starting batteries have many thin plates in order to provide large currents for short periods. The electrodes are also sponged (made full of minute holes) in order to further increase surface area. Lead, lead peroxide, and lead sulfate are not of the same density. When one replaces the other, expansion and contraction tend to dislodge the materials from the grids. Each time a cell is cycled, a small amount of lead sulfate is shed and falls to the bottom of the cell. Eventually the accumulation at the bottom may short out the plates. The more complete the reaction (the deeper the discharge), the greater the loss. Batteries designed for deep-cycling have fewer but thicker plates. When a battery is fully charged, all of the lead sulfate of the positive plate has oxidized to lead peroxide. Further charging (overcharging) oxidizes the lead of the grid as well, turning it into lead peroxide. Lead peroxide has little mechanical strength, and the grid will ultimately fall to the bottom of the cell. The rest of the overcharging energy goes into hydrolysis separation of the water of the electrolyte into H2 and O2 which we saw as bubbles in our kitchen battery. Various tricks are employed in sealed batteries to recombine the gases into water, but, if overcharging and gassing are too vigorous, all batteries vent
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