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A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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Cloud computing key management diagram
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cost = c; onhand = h; } public override string ToString() { return String.Format("{0,-10}Cost: {1,6:C} name, cost, onhand); } } class TypeSafeInventoryList { static void Main() { List<Inventory> inv = new List<Inventory>(); // Add elements to the list. inv.Add(new Inventory("Pliers", 5.95, 3)); inv.Add(new Inventory("Wrenches", 8.29, 2)); inv.Add(new Inventory("Hammers", 3.50, 4)); inv.Add(new Inventory("Drills", 19.88, 8)); Console.WriteLine("Inventory list:"); foreach(Inventory i in inv) { Console.WriteLine(" " + i); } } }
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Places selected object(s) back one position in the object stacking order Places selected object(s) forward one position in the object stacking order Places selected object(s) to the back of layer Places selected object(s) to the front of layer
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20-watt/channel 7-watt/channel 19-inch CRT 15-inch LCD 6-inch color
XYZ s initial task is to select a disaster recovery site. One of the existing sites in Tampa Bay or Redmond could be selected because each has sufficient infrastructure to host a recovery site. The decision would be based solely on the potential disasters each site faced. The analysis pointed out that Tampa Bay has a high likelihood of a single hurricane affecting both itself and Fort Lauderdale. The remaining location (Redmond, Washington) is a good choice for XYZ because it is relatively free from natural disaster. Also, a single disaster is not likely to affect both Fort Lauderdale and Redmond. XYZ has the benefit of selecting a disaster recovery site from one of their corporate locations. If XYZ did not have a suitable existing location, they could consider using a third-party data center hosting facility. If a failure occurred, Redmond needs the capacity to support the additional users from Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. The reverse is true as well. Fort Lauderdale needs enough capacity to host additional Redmond users in the case of a Redmond site failure. For the recovery model, the disaster recovery team has to select between activepassive or active-active. The active-passive model is one in which the disaster recovery data center is in a warmstandby mode until required. All users connect to one of the data centers. The remaining data center is unused until a failure occurs. Active-active describes a disaster recovery environment in which the site designated as the disaster recovery data center is online and functions in conjunction with the primary data center. In this model, users connect locally to the site with the least latency. XYZ selects the active-active recovery model based on the improved user experience due to reduced connection latency. The business requires a full disaster recovery plan that provides access to all corporate users even when one site is offline. Each site is fully redundant and has the capacity to service all users in the entire organization. The Citrix Access Suite is only one piece of the redundancy and disaster recovery puzzle. The Access Suite helps make the planning easier. To have a complete solution, however, plans must be created for the following infrastructure components: Physical network infrastructure (routers, switches, and so on) Directory Services (Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, LDAP) Network services (DNS, DHCP, and so on) Data storage and replication Application access and management User access points
For example, in the following program, a friend is used instead of a member function to overload the + operation:
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The employment of hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) systems by CATV operators commenced during the mid-1990s in response to the need to provide not only support for more channels but also the ability to aggregate and route data originating from groups of subscribers to the headend and from the headend to a group of subscribers. In the downstream direction, routers must be placed at appropriate locations within the network infrastructure to send data to the applicable branch or subbranch, where the subscriber is located. Figure 7.8 illustrates the emerging hybrid fiber-coaxial (coax) network that many cable TV systems are migrating to. Under the HFC network architecture a star cabling infrastructure is employed, where fiber-optic cable is routed from a location in a neighborhood referred to as a fiber node (FN) back to the CATV headend. In examining Figure 7.8, note that in addition to an electrical to optical converter, each fiber node that supports data transmission to one or more branches will have a router that will be used to aggregate transmission to and from the branch feeder cables. The router s transmission would be placed on a separate wavelength for transmission in the uplink direction toward the cable TV headend. In the downlink direction a separate wavelength could be used to provide a data path to each router. However, programming was initially transmitted in the downlink direction via time division multiplexing (TDM). Thus, many cable operators continue to use TDM to each fiber node, where channels in each TDM slot are converted from the time domain into the frequency domain. The latter is required since subscribers tune their set-top boxes via frequency to locate a particular program of interest. RATIONALE The rationale for the use of fiber into a neighborhood is based on economics, capacity and fiber-optic immunity to electro, magnetic interference. Because bandwidth capacity of fiber is several orders of magnitude above that of coaxial cable, the existing coaxialcable drops can be used as is. Thus, the use of fiber provides the cable
Figure 2.14 shows the velocity and acceleration curves for n = 1.0 and n = 1.3. The kinematic characteristics of the elliptical curve depend on the assumed proportions of the major and the minor axes. Proper proportions in the ratio between major and minor axes produce cams of acceptable performance at moderate speeds similar to those of the simple harmonic motion curve, all having acceleration discontinuity at the beginning and end of the DRD action.
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