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16. Consider the circuit shown in Fig. FE-6. Find the unknown currents for the circuit in Fig. 2-17. Suppose that R1 = 2 , R2 = 1 , and R3 = 3 and V1 = 10 V V2 = 3 V, and V3 = 6 V. , 17. A 17 resistor is in series with a 12 resistor. What is the equivalent resistance 18. Two 10 resistors are in parallel. What is the equivalent resistance 19. Find the equivalent resistance for the circuit shown in Fig. FE-7. 20. How is the Norton current related to the Thevenin equivalent voltage 21. Apply the Karni method to the circuit shown in Fig. FE-8. Find the equation for v o and use it to write down the Thevenin equivalent voltage and resistance as seen by the load resistor R L .
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Recovery time objective (RTO) is the period from the onset of an outage until the resumption of service. RTO is usually measured in hours or days. Each process and system in the BIA should have an RTO value. RTO does not mean that the system (or process) has been recovered to 100 percent of its former capacity. Far from it in an emergency situation, management may determine that a DR (disaster recovery) server in another city with, say, 60 percent of the capacity of the original server is adequate. That said, an organization could establish two RTO targets, one for partial capacity and one for full capacity. NOTE For a given organization, it s probably best to use one unit of measure for all systems. That will help to avoid any errors that would occur during a rank-ordering of systems, so that two days does not appear to be a shorter period than four hours. Further, a system that has been recovered in a disaster situation might not have 100 percent of its functionality. For instance, an application that lets users view transactions that are more than two years old may, in a recovery situation, only contain 30 days worth of data. Again, such a decision is usually the result of a careful analysis of the cost
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SetStream SetNVTimer SetButton Page EnableButton DisableButton SetSecondaryStream PopUpMenu Off Still On Still Off
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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SOP = start of packet flag EOP = end of packet flag SeqNum = sequence number
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you can see in Figure 6-7, a Dimension line (covered in 10) clearly indicates that the story on the structure it bounds measures about 10 feet in height.
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What are protective factors against endometrial cancer
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with the steel wool or sandpaper. Place three test tubes in the rack, and label their places in the rack with the names of the three solutions. Measure 5 mL of tap water into the graduated cylinder. Pour the water into one of the test tubes. Use the grease pencil to mark the test tube at the 5-mL level. Discard the water. Repeat for the other two test tubes. Fill the three test tubes to the 5-mL level with their respective solutions. Place a zinc strip in each of the test tubes. After about 5 minutes, record your observations in Data Table 1. Describe any evidence of a reaction. If there is no reaction, write NR. Pour the contents of the test tubes into a beaker. Using forceps, remove the zinc strips. Rinse them with water and dry with paper towels. Rinse the test tubes thoroughly with water. Discard the used solutions as directed by your teacher. Repeat steps 5 through 7, first with copper, then with magnesium.
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Let s examine this program carefully. First, notice how Gen is declared by the following line.
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Late 1980s The remote control and autonomous robot sumo contest is invented by Hiroshi Nozawa of Fujisoft ABC, Inc., in Japan. 1989 Inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen founds FIRST. This nonprofit organization, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, pairs up school-age children with local engineers to build robotic projects. 1992 Marc Thorpe discovers that his experiments with building a radio-controlled vacuum cleaner to help with the housework can be turned into a new sport called Robot Wars. 1992 FIRST Robotics hosts its first competition with 28 high-school teams. 1994 Marc Thorpe creates Robot Wars. This is the first major competition where robots face off against each other in an arena in front of a live audience. The first event is held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. 1997 Mentorn Broadcasting produces a six-episode series of Robot Wars for BBC television in the U.K. 1997 BotBash, a similar event to the original Robot Wars, holds its first event in Phoenix, Arizona. March 10, 1999 BattleBots is founded by Trey Roski and Greg Munson in San Francisco. August 14, 1999 BattleBots hosts its first event in Long Beach, California, with 70 robots competing. January 29, 2000 BattleBots appears on pay-per-view television, and airs the second BattleBots event from November 1999. August 23, 2000 BattleBots begins airing as a television series on Comedy Central. The show quickly shoots up in ratings and finishes its first season as one of the most popular shows on cable TV. April 2, 2001 competition. BattleBots registers over 650 robots at its Spring 2001
you don t mind the stair-steppy edges of aliased object edges, you can pick up some speed using Normal mode. Bitmaps whether they re imported photos or bitmap fills you define using the Interactive Fill Tool do not change their screen appearance if you switch from Normal to Enhanced view mode. Bitmaps do not update or refresh in CorelDRAW because the pixel color definitions are set within the image or fill.
Figure 12-8
Especially if you re pasting text from the clipboard, the frame you drag for Paragraph Text might not accommodate the amount of text. As a result, the text is hidden; the frame is a dashed red outline instead of black. To reveal the text, you drag down on the windowshade handle, the small square tab at bottom center on the text frame; when there s hidden text, the handle has a down arrow in its center. One of the most useful things you can do with Paragraph Text frames is to link them; instead of spoiling a design by increasing the size of the frame, you can create a second, third, or any number of additional frames, and flow the excess text into the new frames as you create the frames. The advantage to this is that you can move the linked frames around in your design, and the content (the printed message of the Paragraph Text) remains in perfect order. For example, if you need to break a paragraph into two frames in the middle of, Now is the time for all good people to come, you do this, and in the future if you need to resize the first Paragraph Text frame, the excess words pour into the second frame, regardless of its position on the page. This is too neat to simply describe with words, so let s try creating linked text frames in the following tutorial.
Bandwidth Scalability and Flexibility Ethernet LANs commonly operate anywhere from 1M to 1000M, usually tending toward the higher speeds because of the relatively minor increase45 in the cost of these interfaces and the substantially lowered cost per bit.(Considering the cost of a 1000M interface is typically about two to three times that of a 100M port, this means that the cost per bit using a 1000M port instead of a 100M port would be reduced by 70 percent.46) Multimedia applications (such as video conferencing and real-time backup) in the LAN are also bandwidth intensive and are, in fact, requiring higher speed LANs. However, when the traffic originating in the LAN is expected to terminate outside the LAN and across the Service Provider s telecommunications infrastructure, this usually means the traffic is severely throttled. Consider a simple example, wherein some large files need to be transferred from one enterprise office location to another across the city; let s assume the LANs at either location are operating at 10M and the enterprise has subscribed to a T-1 private line (a very reasonable scenario). This means that the LAN file traffic is subjected to a significant (over 80 percent) reduction in speed, which is akin to traffic on a six-lane highway suddenly having to converge into one lane; naturally, one should expect a severe traffic-jam!47 One obvious solution to the problem of using TDM, Frame Relay, or ATM infrastructure/ services is to use higher bandwidth, but this is not a highly efficient solution. Consider the bandwidth/speed hierarchy for SONET/TDM services that is typically available in the access. It is a step function, similar to that shown in the Figure 1.13, with a very inefficient profile. Let s assume a scenario wherein an enterprise customer who has subscribed to 155M of bandwidth (OC-3) realizes some time later (say, 48 months) that 500M of access bandwidth capacity is required to meet the growing needs of the enterprise. (It is also assumed that the enterprise will need 622M of capacity some
Potential Penalties If Con dential Data Is Not Protected
We covered a lot of ground in this chapter in terms of connecting your Smart Home with whole-house audio and video. The preceding sections talked about the basics of whole-house entertainment systems, but there are still some ways in which you can add more functionality to your system, such as the use of volume controls and remote controls. If you re ready, turn the page to 14 where we ll cover these topics.
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