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CommandVerb SP TransactionID SP EndpointID SP MGCP 1.0
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that provides service to the service group(s). The CMTS then automatically (and dynamically) maintains a balance of modems on each channel. Additionally, to increase upstream capacity, the operator has the option of configuring the upstream channels with a higher data rate (20.48 Mbps or 30.72 Mbps rather than 10.24 Mbps), although these higher data rates require that the cable modems and CMTS be compliant with the DOCSIS 2.0 specification and that the upstream channel has sufficient signal-to-noise ratio to support higher-order modulations.
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Curtis quickly replaced under warranty Jim did a thermal and mechanical redesign on the entire control electronics area. Figure 10-36 shows Jim s magic box redesign. In this incarnation, everything is accessible from the outside, the two power cables bolt on, the two instrumentation cables plug in, and the two fuses are accessible from outside the case. Figure 10-36 shows a front view of the thermally redesigned controller mounting. In this design the controller is flipped over and a heat sink is mounted to its bottom (silicone thermal lubricant was spread over the area for the highest heat dissipation efficiency). The combined package was then centrally mounted in the location of maximum engine compartment airflow. Figure 10-37 shows a driver-side view: charger (in the original location), newly inverted controller with heat sink on top, and revision two of Jim s magic box. When the replacement controller from Curtis was plugged into the new layout, everything worked fine with no more thermal cutout. Figure 11-38 shows the result. generate barcode 128
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The Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) entity of RPR provides a set of control functions and indications to support fault management, and performance management. The services provided by the RPR OAM are
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Intersymbol interference. Incorrect equalization of the incoming bit stream could change the shape of the equalized signal in a way that is dependent on the data pattern. When this misequalized signal is applied to the nonlinear element of the clock recovery circuit, it causes a phase variation in the extracted timing signal. Finite pulse width effects. It can be shown that the signal used to drive the tank circuit should pass through 0 V at the same time the tank circuit output does. If this does not happen, there will be a phase variation on the output signal that is dependent on the pulse shape and pattern content of the input signal. Amplitude-to-phase conversion impairments. A limiting amplifier in the threshold detector following the tuned circuit should produce an output that is completely independent of the input signal amplitude. In practice, due to aging and temperature effects, the amplifier may exhibit a threshold offset that causes jitter to be introduced onto the timing signal (Figure 23.8). The output amplitude of the tuned circuit changes with the pulse density of the incoming digital signal.
4.33 Fiber-Optic Cable Installation
Use a Variable Number of Arguments
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High search speed can search billions of web pages in a fraction of a second. Google Desktop Search is built with the same technology, and it can search a single hard drive in even less time. Easy access to desktop results via Google Desktop Search enables users to search both their computer and the Web simultaneously. When users search through (either from the home page or the Google Toolbar), Google Desktop Search runs the same search in parallel on the user s computer. If Google Desktop Search finds relevant results, those results are added to the search results page. This means that users don t need to decide before they search whether to search the Web or their computer.
SIP Advantages over Other Signaling Protocols
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