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blindly, with no real indication of what the final target net number should be. 4. The ending net cash available from the cash flow calculations represents the change in the plug for the current year, because it is derived from the net changes for the current year. In order to use the net cash available as a plug, we have to add it to the prior year s plug numbers on the balance sheet. If we arrive at the correct solution at the first try, well and good. However, if the net number is not the correct one for balancing the balance sheet, there is no one definitive clue about what the number should be, or where we should look for it. With this approach, we would also not be able to balance the first year of the model. Since the cash flow method requires two balance sheets, the current one and the one from the prior year, there is no prior when the current one is the first year. Of course, the first year in the model is typically a historical year and there would be no need to balance those numbers, so this may be an unimportant point. Either method will give the same set of numbers for the model. But in addition to being the more difficult of the two, it is also possible that the cash flow approach makes it more difficult to see and understand how a model and its accounting are working. This is because the direct relationship of one side of the balance sheet to the other, very clearly seen in the visual representation of two columns next to each other, gets blurred when you have to run the numbers through a third format, the cash flow statement. Now let s look at the balance sheet method. Balance Sheet Method To use the balance sheet method, look at the numbers on the lefthand and right-hand sides of the balance sheet. Find the difference. It is better to subtract the left-hand side (assets) from the right-hand side (liabilities and shareholders equity) simply because the sign of the result gives a good reminder of what
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I/O Functions
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The output is shown here.
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Section Overhead Bytes The term section overhead bytes refers to the path between repeaters or other locations where the optical signal is transmitted or received. Figure 6.7 illustrates the basic positioning of the STS-1 overhead bytes associated with an STS-1 payload. Note that 9 bytes represent section overhead, while 18 and 9 bytes represent line overhead and path overhead, respectively. Also note that while the section and line overhead bytes are in fixed positions, the path overhead can be aligned in any column other than the first three columns when the STS-1 frame is depicted as a 9 90 byte two-dimensional array. In examining the overhead byte designators shown in Figure 6.7, note that rows 1 through 3 represent section overhead, resulting in 9 section overhead bytes. The A1 and A2 bytes are used to denote the beginning of an STS-1 frame. Thus, these 2 bytes are framing characters. A1 has the bit composition 11110110 or hex (hexadecimal) F6, while A2 has the bit
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In this case, b = a performs the assignment operation, not a copy operation.
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area onto the drawing page. A new instance (copy) of the symbol is added to your document, the Symbol Preview summary now indicates that two instances exist, and the Status Bar indicates the selected object is a symbol. You can also click the Insert button to put a symbol selected on the Symbol Manager list directly in the center of the page.
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Arrays of strings are commonly used for handling tables of information. One such application is an employee database that stores the name, telephone number, hours worked per pay period, and hourly wage of each employee. To create such a program for a staff of ten employees, you would define these four arrays (the first two of which are string arrays):
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Restricting Exceptions Thrown by a Function
8 A P P L I C A T I O N S O F T H E I N T E G R A L
You can also create objects when defining a class by putting the variable names after the closing curly brace, in exactly the same way as you do with a structure.
mbtowc( ), wctomb( )
Expressions in SELECT a n d W H E R E Clauses The t o _ c h a r function extracts the four-digit year from the FacHireDate column and the t o _ n u m b e r function converts the character representation of the year into a number.
An Excel spreadsheet may be used for this process. Other things being equal, alternate 2 with a total of 229 points would be the selection. The above method can be used, for example, to select a prestressed concrete girder compared to a
Delete the folder and its contents.
To add any typeface to the Catalog for indexing, choose it from the upper-left list, right-click it, and choose Add To Font Catalog. You ll then be asked through a dialog whether you want to install the font and whether you want to copy the font file to a new location, an easy and convenient way to keep all your font files in one central location. After a font has been catalogued, its icon features a tiny yellow star tag, as shown here.
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