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8.7 Power Supplies
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the data field may contain a special codeword that provides additional information on the contents of the block (whether it s the start of frame, end of frame, etc.). Additionally, 64/65-octet encapsulation includes measures to improve the false packet acceptance results of traditional DSL encoding. DSL physical layers generally operate in modes that yield a bit-error rate of 10-7. Traditionally, Ethernet technologies (and the IP layers above them) have been built upon an architecture where false packet acceptance cannot statistically occur. To achieve FPA performance acceptable for Ethernet and IP delivery, the 64/65-octet layer appends every frame (or fragment) with a CRC in addition to the Ethernet FCS. The combination of these two error-checking codes practically eliminates the possibility of FPA, thus maintaining the historically high reliability of Ethernet. These changes result in a more efficient and more reliable access network. For example, carrying Ethernet over ATM results in 20 50 percent overhead, and carrying Ethernet natively via Mid-Band Ethernet results in less than 5 percent overhead. This allows carriers to squeeze more bandwidth (and more revenue) out of their existing infrastructure.
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Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net
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el (la, los, las) + adjective : la corbata azul (the blue tie), la azul
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IPSec Phase 1
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Finally, the power factor for this circuit is p.f. = cos = cos(84 ) 0.10
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A bonus video element provides demonstration audio streams in either 5.1 DTS HD or the new 7.1 DTS HD surround.
Getting Your Words Perfect
Laboratory Equipment, continued
Distributed Network Monitoring Distributed Network Monitoring 689
Bit by Bit check HUNT
You can associate more than one catch clause with a try. In fact, it is common to do so. However, each catch must catch a different type of exception. For example, the program shown here catches both array-boundary and divide-by-zero errors:
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