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Notice that sample s destructor is called three times! First, it is called when the local object str goes out of scope upon the return of input( ). The second time ~sample( ) is called is when the temporary object returned by input( ) is destroyed. When an object is returned from a function, an invisible (to you) temporary object is automatically generated, which holds the return value. In this case, the object is simply a bitwise copy of str, which is the return value of the function. Therefore, after the function has returned, the temporary object s destructor is executed. Because the memory holding the string entered by the user has already been freed (twice!), garbage is displayed when show( ) is called. (Depending upon how your compiler implements dynamic allocation, you may not see garbage output, but the error is still present.) Finally, the destructor for object ob, inside main( ), is called when the program terminates. The trouble is that, in this situation, the first time the destructor executes, the memory allocated to hold the string obtained by input( ) is freed. Thus, not only do the other
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Fig. 5.3 Lightning-Protective Zone for Motorboat with Lightning-Protective Mast or Mast with Approved Extension
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Section II: Topics in Gynecology
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Although C# s lock statement is sufficient for many synchronization needs, some situations, such as restricting access to a shared resource, are sometimes more conveniently handled by other synchronization mechanisms built into the .NET Framework. The two described here are related to each other: mutexes and semaphores.
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One of the difficult tasks in determining the pushing force is determining the coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction between rubber and dry metal surfaces can range from 0.5 to 3.0. In your high school science classes, you probably learned that the coefficient of friction cannot be greater than 1.0. This is true for hard, solid objects; but with soft rubber materials, other physics are involved. It is not uncommon to find soft, gummy rubber that has coefficients of friction greater the 1.0, and some materials have a coefficient of friction as high as 3.0. For all practical purposes, the coefficient of friction for common rubber tires and steel surfaces is between 0.5 and 1.0. The other factor that affects the coefficient of friction is how much dirt is on the surface. A dirty surface will reduce the overall coefficient of friction. This is why off-road tires have knobby treads to help improve the friction, or traction. As a worse-case situation, assume that the coefficient of friction is equal to 1 and size all your components so you will not stall the motors in these conditions. This will give most robots a small safety margin. If you want to be more conservative, use a coefficient of friction greater than 1.
additional DATA chunks may be included in the packet. The COOKIE ECHO chunk must be the first chunk in the packet, however. Finally, the receiver of the COOKIE chunk sends a COOKIE ACK chunk. This is just a header containing the CHUNK ID value of 00001011, the chunk flags all set to 0, and a length indicator of 4. In other words, it s just a simple acknowledgement with no additional information. The packet containing the COOKIE ACK chunk can also contain a number of DATA chunks, provided that the COOKIE ACK chunk is the first chunk in the packet. Transferring Data The reliable transfer of user data is achieved by the use of two SCTP chunks. The first is the DATA chunk described earlier and depicted in Figure 7-23. The second is the SACK chunk, which is an SCTP control chunk and is shown in Figure 7-26. The easiest explanation of the SACK chunk is by example. Let s assume that an endpoint has transmitted data chunks 1 through 11. Let s also assume that chunks with TSNs 1 through 4 and those with TSNs 7, 8, 10, and 11 have been received. Hence, chunks 5, 6, and 9 are missing. Let s also assume that chunks with TSN 8 and TSN 11 have been received twice. Therefore, the received data appears as depicted in Figure 7-27.
C. Transfer RNAs carry amino acids to where they are needed for protein production. D. Peptide bonds hold base pairs together. E. In eukaryotes, most protein synthesis takes place on ribosomes, whereas in prokaryotes most protein synthesis takes place in the cytoplasm, near the cell membrane. 9. Scanning differential calorimetry A. measures heat capacity as a function of temperature. B. can be used to obtain direct thermodynamic data for phase transitions or temperature-induced conformational changes. C. provides structural information from heat capacity data. D. A and B E. B and C 10. Passive transport refers to S1. cells floating passively in solution. S2. small molecules diffusing through a membrane. S3. transport through a membrane that does not require a transport protein. S4. ions passing through a tunnel created by a transport protein. A. S1 and S2 B. S2 and S3 C. S3 and S4 D. S1 and S3 E. S2 and S4 11. Given the following two expressions for the partition function Z A = 1+
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