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Applications to Lightweight Beam Design
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As stated at the start of this chapter, virtual functions in combination with derived types allow C++ to support run-time polymorphism. Polymorphism is essential to object-oriented programming because it allows a generalized class to specify those functions that will be common to any derivative of that class, while allowing a derived class to specify the exact implementation of those functions. In other words, the base class dictates the general interface that any object derived from that class will have, but it lets the derived class define the actual method. This is why the phrase one interface, multiple methods is often used to describe polymorphism. Part of the key to successfully applying polymorphism is understanding that base and derived classes form a hierarchy that moves from greater to lesser generalization (base to derived). Hence, when used correctly, the base class provides all elements that a derived class can use directly plus the basis for those functions that the derived class must implement on its own. Having a consistent interface with multiple implementations is important because it helps the programmer handle increasingly complex programs. For example, when you develop a program, all objects you derive from a particular base class are accessed in the same general way, even if the specific actions vary from one derived class to the next. This means that you need to remember only one interface rather than several. Further, the separation of interface and implementation allows the creation of class libraries, which can be provided by a third party. If these libraries are implemented correctly, they provide a common interface that you can use to derive your own specific classes.
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We ve moved past the point where any computer user can produce their own custom audio CDs on the desktop for under a dollar a disc. Optical recording offers even more opportunities to produce, store, and record music in digital formats. For example, new tools and techniques now make it possible to store several hours of MP3 music on a disc and play it back through a component-style audio unit. Digital sound processing tools coupled with optical recording equipment make it possible to go beyond the restrictions of stereo and create six-channel audio using surround sound technologies, including Dolby Digital. As processor speed increases bring computers to performance levels equivalent to the supercomputers of a few years back, equipping a home studio with incredibly powerful hardware is within the reach of almost anyone. You can create your own custom music discs, restore your favorite albums from the 40 s, 50 s, or 60 s using digital sound processing, create your own music using a variety of powerful and far-reaching compositional tools, or master an original audio CD of your own music for replication and independent marketing. Just the few topics mentioned easily represent another book s worth of material, so this chapter will provide some examples of the capabilities of optical recording tools in this area and preview a number of options that are available to you. Two case studies and an expert s view section present topics of interest to many sound engineers and musicians: how to create an Enhanced CD, how to create a Web-enabled CD, and how to process sound for DVD applications.
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// Demonstrate an enumerator.
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Figure 7-25 The INIT chunk format
3. Long Spans (HS-20 Truck and Lane Loads Govern) 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 1352 1568 1800 2048 2312 2592 2888 3200 3528 3872 4232 4608 1350.26 1566.26 1798.26 2046.26 2310.26 2590.26 2886.26 3198.26 3526.26 3870.26 4230.26 4606.26 2925.26 3266.26 3623.26 3996.26 4385.26 4790.26 5211.26 5648.26 6101.26 6570.26 7055.26 7556.26 41.6 44.8 48 51.2 54.4 57.6 60.8 64 67.2 70.4 73.6 76.8 108.43 112 115.52 119 122.44 125.86 129.26 132.64 136 139.34 142.67 146
A balun transforms a balanced line into an unbalanced line, since it is sometimes necessary to have a balanced output from an unbalanced amplifier for interfacing with other stages. Impedance matching may also be required. A balanced stage s input or output consists of two parallel conductors with two input lines, one with a 0 degree signal, the other line having the same amplitude signal but 180 degrees phase shifted, with each conductor having equal currents flowing in opposing directions (Fig. 8.31a). An unbalanced stage s output has a single conductor for the current, with a second conductor for the ground return, and is the dominant technique found in contemporary RF design (Fig. 8.31b). But when a balanced source must be converted to unbalanced, this demands that the two differential signals be mixed (combined) so that they are in phase in order to output an unbalanced signal. For antenna use, baluns may be purchased in connectorized weather-resistant packages, in which they are utilized for placing an unbalanced signal from the coax transmission lines into a balanced dipole antenna, while also matching any impedance variations. If a balun was not used in this situation, RF currents on the center conductor of the coax would pass to one leg of the dipole, while the RF current on the ground conductor would pass to the other leg of the dipole; this would result in RF radiating from the coax s ground shield, causing EMI. These balun structures, at HF frequencies, can be as simple as a wideband, untuned transformer.
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Because the access rights as defined by public, protected, and private are fundamental to C++ programming, let s review their meanings. When a class member is declared as public, it can be accessed by any other part of a program. When a member is declared as private, it can be accessed only by members of its class. Further, derived classes do not have access to private base class members. When a member is declared as protected, it can be accessed only by members of its class, or by derived classes. Thus, protected allows a member to be inherited, but to remain private within a class hierarchy. When a base class is inherited by use of public, its public members become public members of the derived class, and its protected members become protected members of the derived class. When a base class is inherited by use of protected, its public and protected members become protected members of the derived class. When a base class is inherited by use of private, its public and protected members become private members of the derived class. In all cases, private members of a base class remain private to the base class, and are not inherited. As you become more familiar with C++, the meaning of public, protected, and private will become second nature. For now, if you are unsure what precise effect an access specifier has, write a short sample program as an experiment and observe the results.
As the output shows, Contains( ) searches for a matching sequence, not for whole words. Thus, both pow and power are found. However, since there is no sequence that matches powerful , it is (correctly) not found. Several of the search methods have additional forms that allow you to begin a search at a specified index or to specify a range to search within. All versions of the String search methods are shown in Table 22-3.
XML Extensible Markup Language, a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages for organizing data by annotating text. XVCD A non-standard variation of VCD. XXCH A DTS-HD extension that goes beyond 6.1 channels. Y The luma or luminance component of video, which is the brightness independent of color. Y/C A video signal in which the brightness (luma, Y) and color (chroma, C) signals are separated. This is also called s-video. Y CbCr A component digital video signal containing one luma and two chroma components. The chroma components are usually adjusted for digital transmission according to ITU-R BT.601. DVDVideo s MPEG-2 encoding is based on 4:2:0 Y CbCr signals. Y CbCr applies only to digital video, but it is often incorrectly used in reference to the Y PbPr analog component outputs of DVD players. Yellow Book The document produced in 1985 by Sony and Philips that extended the Red Book CD format to include digital data for use by a computer. It is commonly called CDROM. Y PbPr A component analog video signal containing one luma and two chroma components. It is often referred to loosely as YUV or Y , B -Y , R -Y . YUV In the general sense, any form of color-difference video signal containing one luma and two chroma components. Technically, YUV is applicable only to the process of encoding component video into composite video. See Y CbCr and Y PbPr. Z The brilliant feature film directed by Constantinos Gavras, better known as Costa-Gavras, released in 1969 starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Yves Montand, Irene Papas, and Jacques Perrin. At the time this book was written the film was available only on DVD. We did not identify any terms that start with the last letter of the alphabet, but the Glossary looked unfinished without the character. Perhaps there will be more Z terms in the next edition. -ed.
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Specification MEF 2 MEF 3 MEF 4 MEF 6 MEF 7 MEF 8 MEF 9 MEF 10.1 MEF 11 MEF 12 MEF 13 MEF 14 MEF 15 MEF 16 MEF 17 MEF 18 MEF 19
TABLE 25-2
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