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PPTP Policy Configuration
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Figure 12.10 Each class of service has a set of traffic parameters, which characterizes its profile
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Limitations and Workaround to Paths with Artistic Media
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5. Try increasing and decreasing the outline width, and see what happens to dashed
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Here, the first catch clause handles situations in which the file is not found, the path is too long, the directory does not exist, or other I/O errors occur. The second catch, which is a catch all clause for all other types of exceptions, handles the other possible errors (possibly by rethrowing the exception). You could also check for each error individually, reporting more specifically the problem that occurred and taking remedial action specific to that error. For the sake of simplicity, the examples in this book will catch only IOException, but your real-world code may (probably will) need to handle the other possible exceptions, depending upon the circumstances. Also, the exception handlers in this chapter simply report the error, but in many cases, your code should take steps to correct the problem when possible. For example, you might reprompt the user for a filename if the one previously entered is not found.
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Figure 29-8: The UDP header The port addresses are the same as described for TCP. The length tells how long the segment is in bytes and the checksum is, as with TCP, a simple sum over the whole segment.
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A multi-hazard design of a highway bridge may improve the reliability of the entire transportation network of the region that the highway bridge serves. A risk assessment is used that analyzes seismic retro t and bridge security improvements. A common approach is: Risk to the bridge Probability of collapse The consequences of collapse After prioritization of a major bridge, a risk assessment is performed to determine the vulnerability of its fracture critical and failure critical elements. The AASHTO Guide to Highway Vulnerability Assessment for Critical Asset Identi cation and Protection shall be used as the standard for conducting the risk assessment: 1. The consequences of partial or full collapse are based on vulnerability (expected damage, and loss of life and functional use) and the importance of the bridge. 2. Importance is based on: Retro t/replacement value Emergency evacuation Military importance Importance to the regional infrastructure network. 3. Planning and execution of emergency plans at the local, state, and national levels. 4. Engineering and economic (such as toll revenue value) considerations. The severity of these hazards can signi cantly increase the costs of construction and maintenance, especially if they are for existing infrastructure requiring rehabilitation. 5. Monitoring structural health such as identi cation of failure critical and fracture critical members. Engineers routinely deal with natural hazards: Earthquakes Floods Wind Ice Blast loads Accident impact loads.
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Print Separations In Color This option is available only if the printer you ve defined is a color printer such as a personal inkjet, which prints a simulation of a coated printing plate, each plate reproduced in its respective color. This option is sometimes used for printing progressive proofs, checking registration, and checking
Scanning Threat Detection
Figure 2-2 Added trunk requires added system power supplies
Open for read only Open for write only Open for read/write
lating follower. Roller followers are generally used in this type of cam for optimum performance. The use of two followers allows one roller to be preloaded against the other to eliminate the backlash. This design effectively constrains the follower under high speed and high dynamic loads resulting in lower noise, vibration, and wear. The wiper cam (Fig. 15.6) is one with a long, curved shape driving a curved or atfaced follower with translation or oscillation. The follower is often called a toe by virtue of its shape. The cam usually oscillates but sometimes may be made to rotate. The wiper cam slides on the follower surface during its action. If the cam oscillates the cam and the follower will maintain contact at all times, but with complete cam rotation the surfaces will separate and the follower will, by spring action or gravity, have a quick return condition so that the cycle can be repeated. The rotating wiper cam has been used as an ore breaker in stamp mills. The rolling cam is one with pure rolling between the cam and the follower. It is similar in appearance and application to the wiper cam, improved by alleviating the detrimental sliding and surface wear. The circular-arc cam, as the name implies, is one composed of circular arcs (see Fig. 16.10). This cam is rarely utilized. The spiral cam, shown in Fig. 1.12, has special grooves in its face that drive a translating and rotating follower. The pin gear follower is driven by teeth in the cam groove, and the angular velocity of the follower is determined by the cam radical distance. This cam has been employed in analog computing systems. The cylindrical, barrel, or drum cam has a cylindrical shape that rotates about its axis, and the follower translates or oscillates. Cylindrical cams usually use cylindrical roller followers. Sometimes preloaded tapered conical rollers are applied to reduce the slippage and wear caused by the different driving radii and speeds. In addition, the cylindrical cam has been employed internally as well as externally. Also, in rare cases, the cylinder may operate as an end cam on its end surface. There are two types of cylindrical cams. The rst type has a circumferential contour cut in its surface. Figure 1.13 shows this kind of cylindrical
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Framework. Second, the libraries used by C# are the ones defined by the .NET Framework. Thus, even though it is theoretically possible to separate C# the language from the .NET environment, in practice the two are closely linked. Because of this, it is important to have a general understanding of the .NET Framework and why it is important to C#.
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