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2.1.1 The network fabric
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If your readers have to study your communications to understand your message, you re slowing them down and making them work unnecessarily hard. Reader confusion often results from a lack of writer preparation. However, even when you ve followed the steps outlined in this book, you might leave your readers confused because of two speci c issues: 1. misplaced or misused modi ers 2. unexplained acronyms or technical jargon Selecting and positioning modifying words and phrases correctly and defining all terminology that may be unfamiliar to your readers will help ensure clarity in your communications.
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15.2.2 Availability
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// Output count number of chs. void space(int count, char ch) { for( ; count; count--) cout << ch; } int main() { /* Create a pointer to void function with one int parameter. */ void (*fp1)(int);
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You ve seen a group of kids, perhaps playing a sport or hanging out at the mall. They tend to follow each other when they travel, and it takes nothing less than a dinner bell to separate them. CorelDRAW objects can be arranged similarly, except the objects don t hit you up for movie money. The Group command in CorelDRAW creates an association for multiple object selections; the command is available when two or more objects are selected. A group behaves as if it were a single unit; any changes made to a group affect all objects in the group. For example, if you have three objects, each with different fills and outline widths, and you select the group, click a new color on the color palette, and then define a new outline width on the Property Bar all objects in the group take on the new color and outline property. Call it peer pressure. CorelDRAW X4 indicates on the Status Bar that a group is selected. Grouping is a convenient and simple way to organize a collection of objects at a very basic level in CorelDRAW (more complex methods are demonstrated later in this chapter). Each object in a group is called a child. Groups of objects can also include other groups; it s very easy and sometimes a desired thing to create groups of groups. To group objects together:
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Figure 26-6: Extended Superframe Format improves uptime and error checking After the framing bits had been addressed, another choice was used to handle the T1 circuit. As described previously, the robbed bit signaling gets in the way of data transmission. It is not a problem for voice communications, but definitely impacts the data side of the business. To solve this problem, a technique called common channel signaling was introduced. The use of channel number 24 was assigned for strictly signaling (call setup and teardown) for the other 23 channels. By using a dedicated outof-band signaling channel, the other 23 channels can carry all 64 Kbps for data, yielding a higher throughput per channel, but with a penalty of losing one channel from the T1. The format of the common channel signaling arrangement is shown in Figure 26-7 . This is a choice a user has to make. If all the user wants is voice communications, the robbed bit signaling will suffice. If, however, the user wants to transmit data, then the common channel signaling will be a potential benefit to the data transmission.
// Use ref on an object parameter. using System; class Test { public int a; public Test(int i) { a = i; } // This will not change the argument. public void NoChange(Test o) { Test newob = new Test(0); o = newob; // this has no effect outside of NoChange() }
Nearly every IS organization relies on one or more third-party organizations in the development, support, or operations of its information systems. There are so many specialties and subspecialties in information technology that even the largest organizations need to utilize third-party organizations to build, support, or manage their IT environment.
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Here is a complete example. It loads a two-dimensional array with the numbers 1 through 12 and then displays the contents of the array.
Configuring and using downloadable ACLs on CSACS is a three-step process: enabling them, creating them, and referencing them for a group or user. The following three sections will discuss these steps. Enabling Downloadable ACLs on CSACS Downloadable ACLs are not enabled, by default, within CSACS. To enable them, go to Interface Configuration | Advanced Options. Click one or both of the following check boxes: User-Level Downloadable ACLs Group-Level Downloadable ACLs
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