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Active Transport
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Before making the new system operational, a transition plan from the old system to the new system is devised. To gain confidence and experience with the new system, an organization may run the old system in parallel to the new system for a period of time. Maintenance Phase: Produces corrections, changes, and enhancements to an operating information system. The maintenance phase commences when an information system becomes operational. The maintenance phase is fundamentally different from other phases because it comprises activities from all of the other phases. The maintenance phase ends when developing a new system becomes cost justified. Due to the high fixed costs of developing new systems, the maintenance phase can last decades. The traditional life cycle has been criticized for several reasons. First, an operating system is not produced until late in the process. By the time a system is operational, the requirements may have already changed. Second, there is often a rush to begin implemen tation so that a product is visible. In this rush, appropriate time may not be devoted to analysis and design. A number of alternative methodologies have been proposed to alleviate these difficul ties. In spiral development methodologies, the life cycle phases are performed for subsets of a system, progressively producing a larger system until the complete system emerges. Rapid application development methodologies delay producing design documents until requirements are clear. Scaled-down versions of a system, known as prototypes, are used to clarify requirements. Prototypes can be implemented rapidly using graphical development tools for generating forms, reports, and other code. Implementing a prototype allows users to provide meaningful feedback to developers. Often, users may not understand the requirements unless they can experience a prototype. Thus, prototyping can reduce the risk of developing an information system because it allows earlier and more direct feedback about the system. In all development methodologies, graphical models of the data, processes, and environ ment interactions should be produced. The data model describes the kinds of data and rela tionships. The process model describes relationships among processes. A process can pro vide input data used by other processes and use the output data of other processes. The environment interaction model describes relationships between events and processes. An event such as the passage of time or an action from the environment can trigger a process to start or stop. The systems analysis phase produces an initial version of these models. The sys tems design phase adds more details so that the models can be efficiently implemented. Even though models of data, processes, and environment interactions are necessary to develop an information system, this book emphasizes data models only. In many informa tion systems development efforts, the data model is the most important. For business information systems, the process and environment interaction models are usually produced after the data model. Rather than present notation for the process and environment interac tion models, this book emphasizes prototypes to depict connections among data, processes, and the environment. For more details about process and environment interaction models, please consult several references at the end of the chapter.
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Be familiar with the basic configuration of OSPF on Cisco routers: you might have to set up and/or troubleshoot a basic configuration of OSPF on multiple routers (perhaps three to five routers) in a simulation question. Be able to define a process ID. Remember that a wildcard mask is used to associate an interface or interfaces with an area in the network command. Understand why loopback interfaces are typically configured for OSPF. Be familiar with metrics of OSPF routes and the load balancing process the routing protocol uses.
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Even though C++ s default parameter-passing convention is call-by-value, it is possible to manually create a call-by-reference by passing the address of an argument (i.e., a pointer to the argument) to a function. It will then be possible for code inside the function to change the value of the argument outside of the function. You saw an example of this in the preceding chapter when the passing of pointers was discussed. As you know, pointers are passed to functions just like any other values. Of course, it is necessary to declare the parameters as pointer types. To see how passing a pointer allows you to manually create a call-by-reference, examine this version of swap( ). It exchanges the values of the two variables pointed to by its arguments.
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1. Zoom all the way out, or switch to a wide-angle
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Ethernet: From LAN to the WAN
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TDMA uses a time division multiplexing scheme, where time slices are allocated to multiple conversations. Multiple users share a single radio frequency without interfering with each other because they are kept separate by using fixed time slots. The current standard for TDMA divides a single channel into six time slots. Then three different conversations use the time slots by allocating two slots per conversation. This provides a three-fold increase in the number of users on the same radio frequency spectrum. Although TDMA deals typically with an analog to digital conversion using a typical pulse code modulation technique, it performs differently in a radio transmission. PCM is translated into a quadrature phase-shift keying technique, thereby producing a fourphased shift, doubling the data rate for data transmission. The typical time slotting mechanism for TDMA is shown in Figure 22-2
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foreach(int i in posNums) Console.WriteLine(i + " ");
// It is OK to directly access gamma because it is public. ob.gamma = 99; OK because gamma is public. } }
= Tested by Citrix - X = Known Issues - = Requires Vendor Modification
7-22 In
The Solution Framework
IEnumerable<T> and IEnumerator<T>
Value Syntax <angle> | above | level | below | higher | lower | inherit Initial Value level Percentages n/a Inherited yes Applies to all elements Media Groups aural
Following a major event such as earthquake or hurricane, network services in an urban area may be disrupted due to damage to infrastructure. Repairing the damaged infrastructure and restoring the service may take days if not weeks. However, services may be restored in a matter of hours by deploying optical wireless mesh networks. This may be achieved by creating backhaul from a remote location to a building in the area where the service has been disrupted and then distributing the service throughout the area by means of optical wireless mesh. For an urban multi-dwelling unit (MDU) environment, where only a small number of buildings, if any, are lit by fiber-optic cable, optical mesh can be deployed to provide ultra-broadband Internet services to their tenants. Although Ethernet services may not be needed by the end customers, Carrier Ethernet services provided by a network can only facilitate the delivery of advanced network services such as VoIP and IPTV.
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
FIGURE 8-10 Shortcut joins provide BusinessObjects XI with an alternate, faster join path without creating a loop.
The String Methods
Source: Carrier Grade Voice Over IP
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