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8.1.5 Data Link Layer Interface
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If a BD-J application is attempting to perform an operation that is beyond a self-contained sandbox , meaning it needs to interact with other parts of the disc or with other applications jumping to titles, starting and stopping other applications, reading and writing to local storage, using the virtual file system, or accessing the network an authentication process is necessary. This authentication process is called application signing and the permissions of every application are defined in the Permission Request File (PRF). The PRF contains information about which area of the local storage can be accessed, or which network ports the player may connect to. The application signing is not a content protection mechanism but instead provides an authentication procedure to ensure that the content on the disc has not been altered and is indeed allowed to access other content located in local storage or on a network server. The way this works is that each application is signed and a PRF, as well as the corresponding certificate, is attached to it. The certificate is authenticated against a disc root certificate through a certificate chain. The disc root certificate is authenticated through AACS. This allows scenarios where different parties may create individual parts of the disc. In this case, each party signs their own application and creates their own PRF, and the authoring studio putting it all together incorporates all of the applications with the signatures and PRFs to create the disc with their own root certificate. As the next step, a SHA-1 hash4 of the root certificate is generated that is incorporated into the master AACS List as part of the encryption process. As a result, whenever a disc is inserted into a player, the hash of the root certificate contained on the disc is calculated by the player and compared against the hash in the AACS list. If the content has not been modified, the hash values will match and the application will load. Figure 6.19 outlines the workflow scenario for application signing including multiple application developers and the use of content from different locations disc, local storage, and the network. The root certificate is also an important piece when it comes to managing the local storage in a player. As one could imagine, having a lot of discs accessing the same storage area can make it difficult to manage that space and will most likely come to naming conflicts if the space is not managed properly. As such, Blu-ray implemented a directory structure that allows sharing the common storage space. The idea is to have multiple layers of directories that differentiate between studios (content owners), producers (authoring facilities), and discs. The root certificate is used to differentiate between studios. Each studio should have their own root certificate that it carefully manages, and each studio should issue leaf certificates to every authoring vendor they are using. Hence, every disc created by Studio A will be based on the same root certificate, regardless of the authoring studio. As a second security step, the
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Framing A2 Orderwire E1 Datacom D2
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Figure 17-1. Network using Easy VPN code 39 generator source code
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Auditing Software Acquisition
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Figure 4-17 Closing a logical channel
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The OSI model. Table 2.1 shows the Open Systems Interconnect model. Note that functions such as error detection can occur in more than one layer of the protocol stack. While the OSI model covers seven layers in a complete implementation, there are many protocol stacks that are focused at the Network layer and below. This is the case in most of the following examples. X.25. Table 2.2 shows X.25, which is common in wide area networks. X.25 is a transport protocol stack, being defined only up through the Network layer. The use of hopto-hop error recovery at both the Data Link layer and the Network layer makes X.25 a very robust protocol stack, and therefore a good choice when line quality is poor. Unfortunately this also makes it slow: X.25 can add 40 to 60 ms in traffic delay per network hop. Frame relay is preferable for connecting LANs over a wide area network. Frame relay. Like X.25, frame relay (described in Table 2.3) is a WAN transport protocol stack, being defined only up through the Network layer. The absence of hop-tohop error recovery makes frame relay much faster than X.25. Error recovery is handled by the upper-layer protocols such as TCP/IP in a typical LAN environment. Due to its low latency, frame relay is often used for connecting LANs over a wide area network. Frame relay can deal gracefully with traffic bursts, and can specify quality
Figure 7-7 The monosaccharide glucose has the chemical formula C6h12o6. Two structures of glucose are shown. (a) Chain form glucose. (b) Circular form glucose. The circular form is most common in biological systems.
C++ from the Ground Up
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