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// Demonstrate ThreeD series. ByTwos<ThreeD> ThrDBT = new ByTwos<ThreeD>(ThreeDPlusTwo); ThreeD coord; for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) { coord = ThrDBT.GetNext(); Console.Write(coord.x + "," + coord.y + "," + coord.z + " "); } Console.WriteLine(); } }
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Inside the Fun Factory
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The Enneagram and Coaching
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Bode Plots and Butterworth Filters
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Address translation table Inside local IP Inside global IP
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CShadow Memory cost of the CShadow.exe process (Attendee Only)
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The write commands are used to save, view, or remove your configuration file and were the commands used, along with the configure command, to perform these functions before the introduction of the copy command. NOTE With the exception of the configure terminal command, the other configure commands have been deprecated. You must use the copy command instead; however, this is not true of the write commands, which still work. Table 3-2 lists the write commands. TIP A quick way of saving your running-config to the startup config is to use the abbreviated form of the write memory command (copy running-config startup-config): wr. One miscellaneous command that you should remember is the reload command. Use this command in either Privilege EXEC or Configuration mode to reboot your appliance. When rebooting, if you ve made changes to your running-config and haven t saved them, the appliance will prompt you to save or discard these changes to the startup-config file in flash.
Logging is also improved. It s something that, in-house, usually gets the short end of the stick. But in the virtualized world of cloud computing, providers can add as much memory as they need to extend logging.
Fig. 3-39 Circuit for Problem 1.
Advanced Report and Chart Formatting
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Pointers and Strings
Comments utility for telecommuting. The typical device has an Ethernet local connection and an ISDN WAN connection with built-in NT1. X.25 is being rapidly displaced by frame relay. Midstream error correction makes X.25 very robust, though somewhat slow.
the Modeler, Data Administrator, and User Administrator roles, but not the Global Administrator role. In the Planning Business Modeler client tool, members of the User Administrator role can add or remove Planning Server users from business roles and customize user permissions. The Planning Business Modeler is discussed in detail later in this chapter. On the User Administrator Role page, users who currently belong to the role are listed in the User ID column next to the appropriate application or model site. Except for the Global Administrator role, which has a system-wide scope, administrative roles have either an application scope or a model-site scope. Application scope permissions apply for all model sites in the application. Model-site scope permissions apply only for the specific model site. You must belong to the Global Administrator or User Administrator role to add users to or remove users from the User Administrator role. Adding or removing users to the User Administrator role is very intuitive. The first step is to select the appropriate scope for the role whether it is an application or model site. The scope is then selected by clicking on the radio button next to the appropriate scope. This will enable the Add/Remove Users button. Clicking on this button will open the Add or Remove Users: User Administrator Role dialog box. On this page, a user can be added to the User Administrator role by typing the User ID in the box next to the Add button, and then clicking the Add button. The User ID must be entered in the <domain>\<login> format. A user can be removed from the User Administrator role by selecting the check box next to the user and then clicking the Remove button. For the purpose of the examples given in this chapter, the user PerfPointServer\ Administrator is added as the only User Administrator at the Budget application scope.
Child blend object repositioned and recolored
In C#, it is possible to shift the bits that comprise a value to the left or to the right by a specified amount. C# defines the two bit-shift operators shown here:
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