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In this example, the value of the argument to sqr_it( ), 10, is copied into the parameter x. When the assignment x = x*x takes place, the only thing modified is the local variable x. The variable t, used to call sqr_it( ), will still have the value 10 and is unaffected by the operations inside the function. Hence, the output will be 100 10.
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Example: CurrentTime() returns 1:44:19 PM.
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FIGURE 29-17
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dimension members of both predefined and user-defined dimensions. The rest of this section will describe how a user-defined dimension member property can be created. The first step in creating a user-defined dimension member property in any dimension is to check out that dimension. You can be check out a dimension by clicking on it in the Dimension Workspace, and then clicking the Check Out link in the Dimension Tasks pane on the right side. Once a dimension is checked out, it will appear similar to the newly created Employee dimension shown in Figure 7-16. Please note that in this example we have not yet saved or checked in our newly created Employee dimension from our previous example. We will be using this example to create the new user-defined dimension member property. If the dimension has been checked in, it has to be checked out as was just described. From the Dimension Tasks pane on the right side, click the link Create a Member Property. This will open the Create Member Property dialog box, as shown in Figure 7-17. The various aspects of the dimension member property are defined in this dialog box. The value Entity is entered in the text boxes titled Label and Description for the purpose of the examples in this chapter. The next step is to select the type of data that the dimension member property will contain. The various available data types are listed in the drop-down list titled Data Types. Most of the data types listed here are self explanatory, with the exception of Member of Dimension data type. This data type allows you to create referential relationships among dimensions, by allowing you to select a member belonging to another referenced dimension as the member property for the referencing dimension. For the purpose of the examples in this chapter, the Member of Dimension data type is
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by right-clicking on Project1 in Solution Explorer and then selecting Add. You will see the following:
int main() { char choice; init_list(); for(;;) { choice = menu(); switch(choice) { case 'e': enter(); break; case 'd': display(); break; case 'u': update(); break; case 'q': return 0; } } }
1. A. Flow control is commonly implemented through the use of windowing. B refers to reliable connections, C refers to session multiplexing, and D refers to segmentation. 2. D. A PDU at the transport layer is called a segment. A refers to the data link layer and B and C refer to the network/Internet layer.
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The output is shown here:
// Magic Number program: 1st improvement. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main() { int magic; int guess;
GSM Global System for Mobile communications (formerly Groupe Speciale Mobile, now SMG) PDC Personal Digital Cellular (JDC, Japanese personal communication system, 800/1500 MHz) AMPS TACS Advanced Mobile Phone System, U.S. cellular standard Total Access Cellular System, U.K. analog cellular standard
Here are some integers: 1 2 3 4 5 Here are two more: 17 20
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