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Past experience has shown that compared to multi-girder system, through-girder systems with oor beams can save up to 2 feet in girder depth. With well-connected closely spaced oor beams acting as a rigid diaphragm between longitudinal girders, this system: Will address concerns over the safety of the structure Provide much shallower structural depth that would bene t ROW cost Will improve sight distance Can be designed to carry distributed load even if the through girder had a crack at midspan Is the least expensive alternative
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FIGURE 5.14 Instance Diagrams for Self-Referencing Relationships
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Comparing electric motors and internal combustion engines is not an apples to apples comparison. If someone offers you either an electric motor or an internal combustion engine with the same rated horsepower, take the electric motor it s far more powerful. Also, a series wound electric motor delivers peak torque upon startup (zero RPM), whereas an internal combustion engine delivers nothing until you wind up its RPMs. An electric motor is so different from an internal combustion engine that a brief discussion of terms is necessary before going further. There is a substantial difference in the way an electric motor and an internal combustion engine are rated in horsepower. Figure 5-7 s purpose is to show at a glance that an electric motor is more powerful than an internal combustion engine of the same rated horsepower. All internal combustion engines are rated at specific RPM levels for maximum torque and maximum horsepower. Internal combustion engine maximum horsepower ratings are typically derived under idealized laboratory conditions (for the bare engine without accessories attached), which is why the rated HP point appears above the maximum peak of the internal combustion engine horsepower curve in Figure 5-7. Electric motors, on the other hand, are typically rated at the continuous
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Figure 26.11 To obtain pattern synchronization in a closed-loop error detector, the feedback loop on the reference pattern generator is opened temporarily, and a sample of the input bit pattern is fed into the shift register. The loop is then closed, and a synchronization check is made by checking the output of the error detector. A BER of approximately 0.5 indicates a loss of synchronization. In this case, the process is repeated until synchronization is obtained. Some test sets allow the criteria for sync gain and loss to be adjusted for a particular application.
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NOTE For Web Intelligence users, the list of values displayed is chunked according to the list of
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The DisplayPort 1.1 interface standard has been established by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) (OMG, yet another committee!!!). Primarily expected to replace analog VGA and digital DVI connections currently in use for computer hardware, DisplayPort adds audio capacity, improved color signal passthrough, and enhanced screen resolution capabilities to a single cable. DisplayPort offers an open standard alternative to HDMI. As such, there is no inherent royalty cost to manufacturers, whereas HDMI technology is licensed by HDMI LLC and the cost for HDMI licensing raises device costs to consumers (see the Licensing section of 4). DisplayPort (DP) is fully compatible with HDMI 1.3, and consumers will be able to purchase HDMI-to-DisplayPort adaptors and/or cables. DP supports HDCP and DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection)(doh!) thus satisfying the content mavens at the Hollywood studios and allaying their Digital Rights Management (DRM) concerns. There are minor differences between DP and HDMI. DP 1.1 supports a maximum bandwidth of 10.8 Gbit/s while HDMI supports 10.2 Gbit/s. The connector for DisplayPort is similar to that for USB and provides an optional latching mechanism for surer connections. There is an expected future improvement for DisplayPort that will accommodate multiple displays in a daisy-chain configuration. But, the bottom line difference between DisplayPort and HDMI is economics. The PC industry is supporting DP because they do not have to pay royalties for using it, while a few companies in the consumer electronics industry developed HDMI and require licensing agreements for using the HDMI interface. Fortunately, the ramp-up for DisplayPort incorporation with computers and other devices is taking longer than initially projected thereby also delaying any confusing impact on the marketplace. Oh, did we mention that the DP connector is smaller than the VGA and the DVI connectors that it replaces
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Whether an organization decides to outsource the data center or run it themselves, it is crucial they not underestimate the organizational impact of moving toward centralization. Unless such a center is already running, the following needs to be done: Come up with a three-shift staffing plan (or at least three-shift coverage). Decide whether the current staff has sufficient training and experience to manage the new environment. Determine whether the current staff is culturally ready to deal with the discipline required to make the centralized application delivery infrastructure reliable. In other words, can they manage the systems using rigorous change control and testing procedures Decide which of the existing staff needs to be onsite and when. If outsourcing, determine which services the vendor will be providing and which will be handled internally. If outsourcing, make sure there is a clean division and escalation procedure between internal and external support resources.
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This page intentionally left blank
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Color Add Lens Effect
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TIP If you do have dimensional information in a departmental database, different from the central
11.01 11.02 11.03 11.04 Introduction to Cisco Device Configuration Command-Line Interface (CLI) IOS Basics Basic IOS Configuration 11.05 11.06 Basic IOS Security Configuration IOS Operation and Verification Two-Minute Drill Self Test
Here, T is the name of a type parameter. This name is used as a placeholder for the actual type that will be specified when a MyGenClass object is created. Thus, T is used within MyGenClass whenever the type parameter is needed. Notice that T is contained within < >. This syntax can be generalized. Whenever a type parameter is being declared, it is specified within angle brackets. Because MyGenClass uses a type parameter, MyGenClass is a generic class. In the declaration of MyGenClass, there is no special significance to the name T. Any valid identifier could have been used, but T is traditional. Other commonly used type parameter names include V and E. Of course, you can also use descriptive names for type parameters, such as TValue or TKey. When using a descriptive name, it is common practice to use T as the first letter.
The popularity of digital photography has spawned a plethora of photo-quality printers. This is another case where it pays to do a bit of research and shopping before buying. Low-priced photo-quality printers are available with three color inks and one black, but the better models have six color inks and two black inks. Many photo-quality printers also have built-in card readers and small monitors that enable you to print images from your memory card without needing a computer, as shown in Figure 1-11. Visit a store that carries the printer you are interested in. Bring a memory card that holds some colorful photos you have taken, and ask the salesperson if you can test the printer by creating a couple of 4 6 prints of your images.
The Laplace transform of a function of time is given by { f (t)} = F(s) =
x = 1; loop1: x++; if(x < 100) goto loop1;
rename( )
Connecting a four-wire component to the control panel
Secondary Ring
A World of Games
technique for accurate grounded stub measurement and layout is shown in Fig. 6.41: The length of the stub is measured from the T junction to the center of the through-hole via.
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de-energized. At the instant a relay coil is de-energized, the magnetic field in the coil collapses. A collapsing magnetic field will create a momentary current spike, which will induce a voltage spike that will exceed the original voltage that was in the coil. This spike can damage the transistor. By adding a diode in parallel with the coil, the diode will allow a path for the current flow back to the original source, thus protecting transistor. When a diode is used in this application, it is called a flyback diode. Another solution is to use solid-state relays instead of using the transistor approach. Solid-state relays come in small plastic enclosures that are about 2 inches square in size. A low-current, 5-volt signal will open or close the circuit. Depending on the model, it can handle currents up to 40 amps. For low-powered applications, a solid-state relay can be used instead of electromechanical relays such as solenoids. Fortunately for the less electronically astute, off-the-shelf solutions are available. For example, Team Delta ( sells four types of simple remote controlled switching boards that are used in many combat robots. The RCE200 is a single-output control board that uses a transistor driver to run a load of up to 9 amps enough to run most relays. The RCE210 is a relay module that can switch a load of up to 24 amps, enough to run smaller motors. The RCE220 and RCE225 interface boards are dual-relay controllers with ratings of 12 and 24 amps, respectively. These controllers can switch two independent motors or can be wired in an H-bridge configuration to run one motor in forward and reverse. The RCE220 and RDE225 boards can also be used as a switch to control the coils on larger solenoids to control a higher-powered motor, or they can be configured as an H-bridge for low-powered motors. Figure 7-10 illustrates this type of a setup. When using relays to drive motors, it is recommended that you use fuses between the relays and the batteries for all non-drive motors. Due to the harsh environment combat robots operate in, shock impacts of weapons damage may cause a relay to momentarily short out. If this happens, the batteries will be destroyed.
If no match is found in the ACL, the packet is dropped (implicit deny). Each grouping of ACL statements needs either a unique number or a unique
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