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With a digital switch, as many as 100,000 to 200,000 subscriber lines may be connected via subscriber line cards. The switch is controlled by a computer called stored program control (SPC). The switching hardware controlled by the computer may not be physically all in the same building; modern systems allow for remote concentrators or switches under the control of the exchange. In addition, with digital systems it is sometimes economical to route even local calls back to a central exchange. This technique is referred to as back hauling. Figure 3.13 shows an example of digital (TDM) switching. Within the switch, the data bits contained within the B timeslots of the incoming X stream are transferred to the D timeslots of the outgoing Y stream. In the same manner, the data bits contained within the D timeslots of the incoming Y stream are transferred to the B timeslots of the outgoing X stream. If the TDM signals are carrying PCM-encoded voice channels, then the above process is the equivalent of switching call Bx from incoming route X to outgoing route Y (and vice versa), without first reverting back to the original analog format. Each timeslot represents a separate physical telephone channel. Note: Switching data between timeslots usually involves storing the data bytes in a memory for a short time, ready to be inserted in the outgoing data stream at the appropriate timeslot. TDM switching therefore has a inherent delay. ITU-T Recommendations Q.41 and G.114 give details of acceptable delays through network elements. For a digital switch, an average delay not exceeding 450 s is recommended.
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attention in this field. There are numerous groups working on interoperability standards, and the most common platform at this time is the Industry Foundation Class IFC format. If a model can be translated to the IFC format, it will generally carry much more of its attached information with it to its translated version. In Fig. 2.30 note how few parameters can be set and how limited the information about the object is. Parametric information is editable information contained in the parametric object. This is not an external source of information it is embedded in the object, and therefore the model. Some of this information will be visual, while much of it can also be intellectual, such as part numbers, or material-related qualities, such as
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Covalent bonds typically have various amounts of flexibility. This flexibility, depending on the particular bond, can allow for movements such as free rotation (like a wheel on an axle), and springlike movements such as bending, compression, extension, and twisting. See Fig. 6-2.
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FacFirstName CRISTOPHER JULIA FacLastName COLAN MILLS FacHireDate 01-Mar-1994 15-Mar-2000
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Hugh Walker Hewlett-Packard Ltd., South Queensferry, Scotland
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Trial version, not for distribution.
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Source: Communications Network Test and Measurement Handbook
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Mass of table salt weighing paper (g)
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Exploring the System Namespace
Canon EOS D60
Support Programs: Territories, Quotas, and Crediting
Amplifier Design
The secure session feature, commonly called the Secure Desktop or Secure Vault, is only supported on the Windows 2000, XP, and Vista desktop. The Secure Desktop encrypts data and files (located on the disk drive only not memory) associated with or downloaded during the WebVPN session these can be either clientless or tunnel mode (AnyConnect) connections. Basically the downloaded information is stored in a secure desktop partition that looks like a virtual PC desktop. Upon the WebVPN
Specifies a paragraph of text within another tag. Documents the parameter specified by param-name. The text associated with explanation describes the parameter. Specifies that param-name is a parameter name. Describes the permission setting associated with the class members specified by identifier. The text associated with explanation describes the permission settings. The text specified by explanation is a general commentary often used to describe a type, such as a class or structure. The text specified by explanation documents the return value of a method. Declares a link to another element specified by identifier. Declares a see also link to identifier. The text specified by explanation is a general commentary often used to describe a method or other class member. Documents the type parameter specified by param-name. The text associated with explanation describes the type parameter. Specifies that param-name is the name of a type parameter. The text specified by explanation documents a property.
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