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Click Open to open the image in Photoshop Elements. You can then edit the image using Photoshop Elements commands and save the file in a format supported by the application. Your original RAW file is unaltered. All changes you make in the Camera Raw dialog box are saved in a separate file known as a sidecar file.
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TABLE 2.10 LAN Interconnects (Part 2).
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Bitwise Operators
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Motivation for View Design and Integration 428 View Design with Forms 429 12.2.1 Form Analysis 429 12.2.2 Analysis of M- Way Relationships Using Forms 435 View Integration 439 Incremental and Parallel Integration Approaches 439 12.3.2 View Integration Examples 442 Closing Thoughts 444 Review Concepts 444 Questions 445 Problems 445 References for Further Study 447 12.3.1
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Isolation of Ignition Sources
Data throughput is a measure of traffic volume actually being carried by the network, typically expressed in kilobytes per second. Networks that are capable of carrying a higher data throughput, i.e., higher-speed networks, are sometimes thought of as higher-performance networks. Data throughput also can be defined on a per transaction basis. If it takes 1 second to transfer a 500,000-byte file, then the data throughput for that transaction is 500 kbytes/sec. Data throughput per transaction is one measure of network performance that is very representative of actual end-user experience.
Plastic Fiber
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