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Batteries in series and parallel.
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// Give nums some values. for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++) for(int j=0; j < 5; j++) nums[i,j] = (i+1)*(j+1); // Use foreach to display and sum the values. foreach(int x in nums) { Console.WriteLine("Value is: " + x); sum += x; } Console.WriteLine("Summation: " + sum); } }
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Figure 5-3
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if(a > d) Console.WriteLine("a > d is true"); else if(a < d) Console.WriteLine("a < d is true"); else Console.WriteLine("a and d are same distance from origin"); } }
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If smart tunneling must be started manually, the user logs in and clicks the Application Access tab. Below the Start Applications button, you can see the list of app_names that can be tunneled using smart tunneling it s best to give these descriptive names to help out the users (see Figure 19-8). Click the Start Smart Tunnel button. A window will pop
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Cellular Measurement Descriptions 430 Cellular Networks
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A tunnel group, as I mentioned in the last section, represents a particular IPSec L2L connection or a remote access group. To create a tunnel group, use the following command:
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FIgure 10-13 As an unwound portion in the center of the molecule gets large, the freedom of movement of the unwound loop begins to approximate that of an unwound end.
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5: Gynecologic Oncology
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OSPF Command
Clock speed latency. Even error-free transmission facilities with plenty of available bandwidth can cause two kinds of delays that impact network performance. The first is clock speed latency, or the delay due to the slow (relative to the attached LANs) clock rate used to place a data frame on the line. For example, consider the delay in transmitting a 1000-byte frame across a leased 64 kbps line. The clock speed latency can be calculated as:
// Demonstrate class specialization. #include <iostream> using namespace std; template <class T> class myclass { T x; public: myclass(T a) { cout << "Inside generic myclass\n"; x = a; } T getx() { return x; } }; // Explicit specialization for int. template <> class myclass<int> { int x; public: myclass(int a) { cout << "Inside myclass<int> specialization\n"; x = a * a; } int getx() { return x; } }; int main() { myclass<double> d(10.1); cout << "double: " << d.getx() << "\n\n"; myclass<int> i(5); cout << "int: " << i.getx() << "\n"; return 0; }
TABLE 1.4 University Database Example Depicting Differences among Schema Levels
7 B i o m o l e C u l e s 1 0 1
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
SWOT Strengths
// Demonstrate count_if(). #include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; /* This is a unary predicate that determines if number is divisible by 3. */ bool dividesBy3(int i) { if((i%3) == 0) return true; return false; } int main() { vector<int> v; unsigned int i; for(i=1; i < 20; i++) v.push_back(i); cout << "Sequence:\n"; for(i=0; i<v.size(); i++) cout << v[i] << " "; cout << endl; i = count_if(v.begin(), v.end(), dividesBy3); cout << i << " numbers are divisible by 3.\n"; return 0; }
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