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While an RS-232 is the more common connection, use of RS-485 will allow you to connect over a greater distance. To do this, you connect a serial cable between your computer and the control panel. Change the Com port using the Configure | Modem command. Change the communications port to reflect the serial port, rather than another COM port. For a serial connection, you should set the baud rate to 9600.
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The C# Language
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To illustrate how to configure the DHCP relay feature, I ll use the network shown in Figure 26-1. Here s the DHCP relay configuration of the appliance:
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This section describes how to install the Program Neighborhood Agent and use it as a Pass-Through Client on a Presentation Server if the Program Neighborhood Agent was not a selected component during the initial Presentation Server installation. 1. Launch Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. 2. Select Change on Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server for Windows entry name. 3. Select to Modify the Windows Installer packages installed on the system and click Next. 4. Select the Program Neighborhood Agent component, select Will be installed on local hard drive , and then click Next. 5. Enter the server URL for the Web Interface Server or leave as localhost if Web Interface is installed on the same computer as MetaFrame Presentation Server. 6. Select whether or not to enable Pass Through Authentication and click Next. 7. Verify the component changes and click Finish.
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Relational Database Design
Two types of fiber are used for data connections: multimode (MMF) and singlemode (SMF). Multimode fiber transmits 850 or 1300 nanometer wavelengths of light (light in the infrared spectrum, which you can t see with the naked eye). Fiber thickness for MMF is 62.5/125 microns. The core and cladding diameter (thickness of the actual cabling) is in the 50 to 100 micron range for multimode fiber. 850/1300 nm wavelengths equate to frequencies in the terahertz range. The light is transmitted using a light emitting diode (LED). When transmitting a signal,
Given these differences, however, these two products have many CLI features in common: Context-sensitive help Command abbreviation History recall CLI editing features
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Command parameters and commands (as specified in proposed update to RFC 2705)
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