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where program_name is a command line argument that specifies the name of the program you want to compile. C++ Builder supports three arguments to main( ). The first two are the traditional arguments: argc and argv. These are also the only arguments to main( ) defined by standard C/C++. They allow you to pass command line arguments to your program. The argc parameter holds the number of arguments on the command line and is an integer. It is always at least 1 because the name of the program qualifies as the first argument. The argv parameter is a pointer to an array of character pointers. Each element in this array points to a command line argument. All command line arguments are strings any numbers will have to be converted by the program into the proper binary format, manually. Here is a simple example that uses a command line argument. It prints Hello and your name on the screen, if you specify your name as a command line argument:
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Modulators offer different options. Some features you re likely to encounter when selecting a modulator include these:
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Data Flow Diagrams
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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Figure 1.54 Three-port splitter demonstrating forward S parameters.
Section II: Topics in Gynecology
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// Demonstrate casting. using System; class CastDemo { static void Main() { double x, y; byte b; int i; char ch; uint u; short s; long l; x = 10.0; y = 3.0; // Cast double to int, fractional component lost. i = (int) (x / y); Console.WriteLine("Integer outcome of x / y: " + i); Console.WriteLine(); // Cast an int into a byte, no data lost. i = 255; b = (byte) i; Console.WriteLine("b after assigning 255: " + b + " -- no data lost."); // Cast an int into a byte, data lost. i = 257; b = (byte) i; Console.WriteLine("b after assigning 257: " + b + " -- data lost."); Console.WriteLine(); // Cast a uint into a short, no data lost. u = 32000; s = (short) u; Console.WriteLine("s after assigning 32000: " + s + " -- no data lost."); // Cast a uint into a short, data lost. u = 64000; s = (short) u; Console.WriteLine("s after assigning 64000: " + s + " -- data lost."); Console.WriteLine();
Figure 6.14a shows an example Test Case Dynamic Behavior screen using TTCN. Most test cases (as in this example) start with the tester sending a PDU to the IUT. When the test scenario requires that the IUT send a cell first, however, the syntax <IUT !cell_type> is used. This statement asks the test operator to trigger this event from the IUT. The term otherwise stands for any type of PDU with any contents.
In the discussion of the sample programs earlier in this chapter, it was mentioned that abs( ) is provided with your C++ compiler. abs( ) is not part of the C++ language per se, yet you will find it included with every C++ compiler. This function, and many others, are found in the standard library. We will be making extensive use of library functions in the example programs throughout this book.
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