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The fact that Read( ) is line-buffered is a source of annoyance at times. When you press a carriage-return, linefeed sequence is entered into the input stream. Furthermore, these characters are left pending in the input buffer until you read them. Thus, for some applications, you may need to remove them (by reading them) before the next input operation. You will see an example of this later in this chapter.
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at a different wavelength, modulates each signal independently, amplifies the signals, and finally multiplexes the signals and couples them to the same fiber. Once inside the fiber, the signal (single wavelength or multiple wavelengths) propagates over many kilometers before its amplitude is reduced to the point at which amplification is needed, typically after about 50 km. State-of-the-art repeaters are fiber-based erbium-doped amplifiers with more than 30 dB gain. In a point-topoint link, the signal moves from the transmitter to the receiver without rerouting or switching, as shown in Figure 22.5 part (a). In switched systems, optical or electronic switches are used to route the signal(s) to various branches within the fiber network and eventually to the receiving end, as shown in Figure 22.5 part (b). After propagation through the fiber, the signal reaches the receiving end, where the necessary information is extracted. In a TDM system, a photodetector converts the optical signal into an electrical signal, which is processed further by an electronic amplifier and other electronic circuitry such as filters and discriminators. If a WDM system is used, the multiple-wavelength signal is first demultiplexed into its components, and each component passes through a photodetector, an amplifier, and other electronic circuits. The sections that follow describe the basic elements of a fiber optic network: transmitters, amplifiers, distributors (multiplexers and demultiplexers), and receivers. The focus will be on devices and components used in the high-speed networks (faster than 1 Gbps) that are considered to be the backbone of the global information network infrastructure.
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You Try It: Give an example of a function from R to R that is not invertible, even when it is restricted to any interval of length 2.
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Solution: The worst looking part of this integral is the l n x so make a substitution 1 v = In x so that dv = - dx . This transforms the integral into a standard form.
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Active/Standby Example: Secondary Failover Configuration
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ASA 5505 Chassis (Front)
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6.9.1 General Load Rating Equation (LRFD 6.4.2)
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Benefits Project owners can benefit from understanding the concepts of BIM and its business implications. The reduction of risk and waste and the ability to improve the construction schedule and reduce the time spent on rework, etc., are generally the most interesting benefits to a project owner and can lead to lower project costs and earlier occupancy. The BIM is also potentially able to enable life cycle cost analysis such as energy consumption, project maintenance, facilities management, etc. The owner can purchase the asbuilt in the form of a BIM, so that further use can be made of it during the occupancy of the project for operation and maintenance-related management. Project owners will likely benefit most from BIM in the following four ways: Risk Reduction Risk is a large (but often difficult to see) cost in most construction projects. When using the BIM process, much of the risk is removed from the construction planning and management of a project. This is largely due to the fact that the process requires greater planning, collaboration, and understanding of the project among all the project team members. See more in Chap. 2. Waste Reduction The reduction of waste in a project is closely connected to the decrease of risk. Waste comes in the form of lost time, wasted material, and lost opportunities. With better understanding of the project and the ability to coordinate the production of the components, more of the project can be premanufactured (rather than
Audit Closing Procedures
reactance on the output power of the oscillator.
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Termination State Descriptor This descriptor contains the two properties ServiceStates and EventBufferControl, plus other properties of a termination that are not specific to any media stream. The ServiceStates property indicates whether the termination is available for use. Three values are applicable: test, out of service, and in service. In service does not mean that the termination is currently involved in a call. Rather it means that the termination is either actively involved in a call or available for use in a call. In service is the default state of a termination. The EventBufferControl property specifies whether events detected by the termination are to be buffered following detection or processed immediately. To begin, a termination will report events that the MGC has asked it to report, which the MGC will do through the issuance of a command that contains an EventsDescriptor. Whether the termination will actually report the events indicated in the EventsDescriptor depends on whether the EventBufferControl is set to off or lockstep. If set to off, then the termination will report detected events immediately. If the value is set to lockstep, then events will be buffered in a first-in, first-out (FIFO) buffer, along with
One full oscillation of voltage or current plus, minus, and back to plus is a cycle. The number of cycles completed in one second is the frequency. The unit of frequency (cycles per second) is Hertz, abbreviated Hz. Utility electricity in the United States is precisely regulated at 60 Hertz and in Europe at 50 Hertz. If you plugged a U.S.-built synchronous-motor electric clock into a European outlet, it would advance 50 minutes per hour instead of 60. Many people still have not adopted the term Hertz, rst introduced in the 1960s. They use the colloquial cycles, as in 60 cycles per second, instead of the proper 60 Hertz. Little harm is done, though, since everyone knows what is meant.
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